Contamination of autologous peripheral blood progenitor cell grafts predicts overall survival after high-dose chemotherapy in multiple myeloma.


BACKGROUND:Despite of the introduction of novel treatment modalities for multiple myeloma, high-dose chemotherapy with hematopoietic stem-cell rescue is still considered the standard of care for eligible patients <65 years of age. As we have previously reported, stem-cell grafts regularly contain quantities of plasma cells measurable by flow cytometry. However, the pathogenetic significance of this finding remains unknown. METHODS:Multiple myeloma patients (n = 60) were mobilized with chemotherapy and filgrastim. Peripheral blood stem cell grafts were obtained by standard leukapheresis, and the number of CD38++/CD138+ cells/kg was determined by flow cytometry. Plasma cell contamination above a threshold of 4.5 x 10(5) plasma cells/kg was considered "high", whereas lower quantities of plasma cells or absent plasma cells in the graft were considered "low". RESULTS:Progression-free survival: the median statistical progression-free survival was 33.5 months (range 11-99 months) in the high-contamination group (n = 16) versus 47 months (range 8-148 months) in the low-contamination group (n = 44). This difference turned out not to be statistically significant (P = 0.15). However, the difference was highly significant regarding overall survival with 53 months (range 11-119 months) in the high-contamination group and with 114 months (range 8-158 months) in the low-contamination group (P = 0.012). CONCLUSIONS:Patients with >4.5 x 10(5) plasma cells/kg contaminating the peripheral blood stem cell graft received after high-dose chemotherapy have a significantly reduced overall survival. Whether high contamination of grafts with plasma cells might reflect residual in vivo tumor mass prior to stem cell transplantation and a generally more aggressive behavior of malignant myeloma cells in these patients, or whether reinfused plasma cells contribute to an unfavorable course of disease remains to be determined.


Kopp HG,Yildirim S,Weisel KC,Kanz L,Vogel W




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