Alterations in D-amino acid levels in the brains of mice and rats after the administration of D-amino acids.


:To mutant ddY/DAO(-) mice lacking D-amino-acid oxidase activity and normal ddY/DAO(+) mice, five D-amino acids (D-Asp, D-Ser, D-Ala, D-Leu and D-Pro) were orally administered for two weeks, and the D-amino acid levels were examined in seven brain regions. The levels of D-Asp markedly increased in the pituitary and pineal glands in both strains. In the ddY/DAO(+) mice, the levels of the other D-amino acids did not significantly change in most of the brain regions. While in the ddY/DAO(-) mice the levels of D-Ser significantly increased in most of the brain regions except for the cerebrum and hippocampus. The levels of D-Ala and D-Leu increased in all regions but the levels of D-Pro did not significantly change. The same five D-amino acids were intravenously injected into Wistar rats and the D-amino acid levels in their brains were examined for 60 min after the administration. The levels of D-Asp markedly increased in the pineal gland 3 min after the administration, while the levels of D-Ser, D-Ala, and D-Pro increased both in the pineal and pituitary glands, the levels of D-Leu increased in all brain regions. These results are useful for the elucidation of the origins and regulation of D-amino acids in the mammalian body.


Amino Acids


Amino acids


Morikawa A,Hamase K,Inoue T,Konno R,Zaitsu K




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  • Loss ofHindIII cleavage sites in theD-amino acid oxidase gene in some inbred strains of mice.

    abstract::D-Amino acid oxidase cDNA was amplified by a polymerase chain reaction using RNA extracted from the mouse kidney. When digested withHindIII, the cDNAs of the BALB/c and ddY/DAO(-) mice were cleaved into two fragments whereas the cDNA of the ddY/DAO(+) mice was not. Sequencing revealed that nucleotide-471 of the cDNAs ...

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    abstract::Ornithine decarboxylase antizyme 1 (AZ1) is a major regulatory protein responsible for the regulation and degradation of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC). To better understand the role of AZ1 in polyamine metabolism and in modulating the response to anticancer polyamine analogues, a small interfering RNA strategy was use...

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