Navigation ability dependent neural activation in the human brain: an fMRI study.


:Visual-spatial navigation in familiar and unfamiliar environments is an essential requirement of daily life. Animal studies indicated the importance of the hippocampus for navigation. Neuroimaging studies demonstrated gender difference or strategies dependent difference of neural substrates for navigation. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we measured brain activity related to navigation in four groups of normal volunteers: good navigators (males and females) and poor navigators (males and females). In a whole group analysis, task related activity was noted in the hippocampus, parahippocampal gyrus, posterior cingulate cortex, precuneus, parietal association areas, and the visual association areas. In group comparisons, good navigators showed a stronger activation in the medial temporal area and precuneus than poor navigators. There was neither sex effect nor interaction effect between sex and navigation ability. The activity in the left medial temporal areas was positively correlated with task performance, whereas activity in the right parietal area was negatively correlated with task performance. Furthermore, the activity in the bilateral medial temporal areas was positively correlated with scores reflecting preferred navigation strategies, whereas activity in the bilateral superior parietal lobules was negatively correlated with them. Our data suggest that different brain activities related to navigation should reflect navigation skill and strategies.


Neurosci Res


Neuroscience research


Ohnishi T,Matsuda H,Hirakata M,Ugawa Y




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2006-08-01 00:00:00














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  • Increased brain activation during motor imagery suggests central abnormality in Neonatal Brachial Plexus Palsy.

    abstract::Neonatal Brachial Plexus Palsy (NBPP) may lead to permanent impairment of arm function. As NBPP occurs when central motor programs develop, these may be ill-formed. We studied elbow flexion and motor imagery with fMRI to search for abnormal motor programming. We compared the cortical activity of adults with conservati...

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  • Modification of the dopaminergic neurotransmitters in striatum, frontal cortex and hippocampus of rats fed for 21 months with trans isomers of alpha-linolenic acid.

    abstract::Deficiency in n-3 fatty acids is known to disturb the release of dopaminergic neurotransmitters in rat brain. Since isomerization reduces the bioavailability of dietary fatty acids, the effect of the conversion of alpha-linolenic acid into trans alpha-linolenic acid on the dopaminergic neurotransmission was studied. R...

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  • Effects of long-term physical exercise on age-related changes of spinal motoneurons and peripheral nerves in rats.

    abstract::We examined the number and size of motoneurons and myelinated nerve fibers innervating the medial gastrocnemius (MG) muscle in the hindlimb of rats that were subjected to swimming for 10 months (30 min, 3 days/week) from 17 to 27 months of age. The number of MG motoneurons in exercised aged rats was slightly, but not ...

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