Navigation ability dependent neural activation in the human brain: an fMRI study.


:Visual-spatial navigation in familiar and unfamiliar environments is an essential requirement of daily life. Animal studies indicated the importance of the hippocampus for navigation. Neuroimaging studies demonstrated gender difference or strategies dependent difference of neural substrates for navigation. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we measured brain activity related to navigation in four groups of normal volunteers: good navigators (males and females) and poor navigators (males and females). In a whole group analysis, task related activity was noted in the hippocampus, parahippocampal gyrus, posterior cingulate cortex, precuneus, parietal association areas, and the visual association areas. In group comparisons, good navigators showed a stronger activation in the medial temporal area and precuneus than poor navigators. There was neither sex effect nor interaction effect between sex and navigation ability. The activity in the left medial temporal areas was positively correlated with task performance, whereas activity in the right parietal area was negatively correlated with task performance. Furthermore, the activity in the bilateral medial temporal areas was positively correlated with scores reflecting preferred navigation strategies, whereas activity in the bilateral superior parietal lobules was negatively correlated with them. Our data suggest that different brain activities related to navigation should reflect navigation skill and strategies.


Neurosci Res


Neuroscience research


Ohnishi T,Matsuda H,Hirakata M,Ugawa Y




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2006-08-01 00:00:00














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  • Blocking effect of 1-naphthyl acetyl spermine on Ca(2+)-permeable AMPA receptors in cultured rat hippocampal neurons.

    abstract::Effects of 1-naphthyl acetyl spermine (NASPM), a synthetic analogue of Joro spider toxin (JSTX), on alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid (AMPA)-type glutamate receptors were studied in cultured rat hippocampal neurons using the whole-cell patch clamp technique. A population of cultured neurons had ...

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    abstract::Reflex blinking provides a useful experimental tool for various functional studies on the peripheral and central nervous system, yet the neuronal circuitry underlying this reflex is not precisely known. In the present study, we investigated as to whether neurons in the reticular formation and rostral cervical spinal c...

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  • Radioprotective effect of epimedium on neurogenesis and cognition after acute radiation exposure.

    abstract::The radioprotective effect of herb epimedium (or yin yang huo) extract (5 g/kg, oral administration daily for 4 weeks) on neurogenesis and cognition after acute radiation exposure with 5.5 Gy was evaluated in Balb/c mice by behavioral tests and immunohistochemical study. The results indicated that epimedium extract co...

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  • Pericyte function in the physiological central nervous system.

    abstract::Damage to the central nervous system (CNS) leads to disruption of the vascular network, causing vascular dysfunction. Vascular dysfunction is the major event in the pathogenesis of CNS diseases and is closely associated with the severity of neuronal dysfunction. The suppression of vascular dysfunction has been conside...

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  • A novel balanced chromosomal translocation found in subjects with schizophrenia and schizotypal personality disorder: altered l-serine level associated with disruption of PSAT1 gene expression.

    abstract::l-Serine is required for the synthesis of glycine and d-serine, both of which are NMDA receptor co-agonists. Although roles for d-serine and glycine have been suggested in schizophrenia, little is known about the role of the l-serine synthesizing cascade in schizophrenia or related psychiatric conditions. Here we repo...

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  • Shunting versus inactivation: simulation of GABAergic inhibition in spider mechanoreceptors suggests that either is sufficient.

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