Effect of delayed graft function in hypersensitized kidney transplant recipients.


:There is increased evidence about the deleterious effect of delayed graft function (DGF) in both short- and long-term kidney graft outcome. Among the mechanisms involved in the production of DGF, immune factors play a role, especially in the level of hypersensitization. From the 1389 patients transplanted at our hospital until November 2004, it has been found that the presence of moderate and high levels of sensitization, as measured by panel-reactive antibodies, is a risk factor for suffering from DGF. Further, DGF was associated with poor graft survival, and the risk was even higher when DGF was combined with moderate/high panel-reactive antibodies. Recent data demonstrate the usefulness of intravenous immunoglobulins in the management of hypersensitized patients in terms of short-term outcome. It remains to be demonstrated whether this therapy is able to ameliorate the higher ischemic injury that kidneys undergo from these immunologically high-risk patients.


Hum Immunol


Human immunology


López-Hoyos M,Fernández-Fresnedo G,Rodrigo E,Ruiz JC,Arias M




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  • Frequencies of gene variant CCR5-Δ32 in 87 countries based on next-generation sequencing of 1.3 million individuals sampled from 3 national DKMS donor centers.

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  • Lymphocytes induce enhanced expression of HLA class I antigens on cytomegalovirus-infected syngeneic human endothelial cells.

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    abstract::The monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) KS3 and KS4 are secreted by hybridomas constructed with splenocytes from a BALB/c mouse sequentially immunized with the cultured lymphoid cells JKu and LG-2 which share only the HLA-B27 specificity. Serologic and immunochemical assays have shown that the two MoAbs recognize the same (...

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    abstract::The alloimmunization against the platelet PL-A1 antigen is strongly associated with a HLA class II structure in mothers of thrombocytopenic neonates. Most of the immunized women have first been shown to possess the DR3 specificity and subsequently the DRw52 allele. The 18 immunized mothers studied here by restriction ...

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  • HLA class II-restricted binding of muramyl peptides to B lymphocytes of normal and narcoleptic subjects.

    abstract::The propensity for narcolepsy, a clinical sleep disorder of unknown etiology, is virtually totally included within the HLA-DR2,DQw1 (DRw15,DQw6) phenotype. The disorder is characterized by decreased sleep latency, early onset of rapid eye movement sleep, and a paucity of nocturnal slow-wave sleep. Muramyl peptides, na...

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  • Uniparental maternal disomy 6 in a renal transplant patient.

    abstract::HLA analysis of the family of a renal transplant patient revealed an extremely rare condition. On repeated typings the only demonstrable HLA antigens shown in the propositus were from the maternal haplotype, HLA-A11,-B46,-CW1,-DR14,-DQ1. No paternal antigens could be demonstrated either by serologic or by DNA-typing m...

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  • Stimulation of peripheral blood and intestinal mucosa cells by synthetic CpG oligodeoxynucleotides.

    abstract::The breakdown of tolerance to autologous bacterial flora has been implicated as a major factor contributing to the initiation and perpetuation of chronic inflammation in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). To test whether bacterial DNA is at the origin of inflammation in IBD, we have examined the response of lamina pro...

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  • Epigenetics and pathogenesis of systemic sclerosis; the ins and outs.

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