Position-specific growth of mouse limb bud cells in vitro.


:The relationship between cellular position and growth control has been studied in cultures of dissociated fragments of mouse limb bud cells. Using cells derived from various positions along the anterior-posterior axis of the limb bud we have developed culture conditions that optimize growth of positionally isolated cells. Under these conditions limb bud cells display an inherent, position-specific growth response; proliferation of cells derived from anterior and central regions of the limb is enhanced over that of posterior derived cells. Thus, within the total population of limb bud cells the in vitro growth of posterior cells is unique and correlates with the positional activity associated with the zone of polarizing activity. Anterior and posterior cells were cocultured to determine whether interactions between these two groups of positionally distinct cells lead to the stimulation of growth that has been observed in vivo. We observe a slight but consistent position-dependent stimulation of growth that is indicative of a mitogenic signal passing between these positionally disparate cells. Similarities between position-related growth dynamics in vivo and in vitro suggest that positional interactions that are important for limb formation can occur between dissociated cells cultured under standard conditions.


Dev Biol


Developmental biology


Shi C,Muneoka K




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1992-05-01 00:00:00














  • Ultrastructural studies of the ontogeny of fetal human and porcine endocrine pancreas, with special reference to colocalization of the four major islet hormones.

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  • Sgn1, a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor delineates the salivary gland duct cell lineage in mice.

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  • Directed Bmp4 expression in neural crest cells generates a genetic model for the rare human bony syngnathia birth defect.

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  • Strains matter: Success of murine in vitro spermatogenesis is dependent on genetic background.

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  • Competition for factors and cellular resources as a principle of pattern formation in Hydra. II. Assistance of foot formation by heads and buds and a new model of pattern control.

    abstract::In Hydra long-range interactions between head, bud, and foot formation take place in addition to short-range interactions which are recognized as induction phenomena, occurring when transplants are placed into an environment of disparate positional value. Here the long-range promotion of foot formation is analyzed. Th...

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  • Inhibition of RHO-ROCK signaling enhances ICM and suppresses TE characteristics through activation of Hippo signaling in the mouse blastocyst.

    abstract::Specification of the trophectoderm (TE) and inner cell mass (ICM) lineages in the mouse blastocyst correlates with cell position, as TE derives from outer cells whereas ICM from inner cells. Differences in position are reflected by cell polarization and Hippo signaling. Only in outer cells, the apical-basal cell polar...

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  • Directed overexpression of suppressor 2 of zeste and Posterior Sex Combs results in bristle abnormalities in Drosophila melanogaster.

    abstract::Three dominant second-chromosome rearrangement mutations in Drosophila melanogaster, Aristapedioid1 (Arp), vestigial-Depilate (vgD), and vestigial62 (vg62), result in developmental abnormalities of the bristle sense organs on the notum, abdomen, legs, and wing margin. The bristle abnormalities are associated with over...

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  • Quantitative analysis of cyclic AMP waves mediating aggregation in Dictyostelium discoideum.

    abstract::We have previously reported the detection of cAMP waves within monolayers of aggregating Dictyostelium discoideum cells (K. J. Tomchik and P.N. Devreotes, 1981, Science 212, 443-446). The computer-assisted analysis presented here of the fluorographic images of the cAMP waves reveals (1) all the waves have a consistent...

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  • fucosyltransferase1 and H-type complex carbohydrates modulate epithelial cell proliferation during prostatic branching morphogenesis.

    abstract::The prostate undergoes branching morphogenesis dependent on paracrine interactions between the prostatic epithelium and the urogenital mesenchyme. To identify cell-surface molecules that function in this process, monoclonal antibodies raised against epithelial cell-surface antigens were screened for antigen expression...

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  • Inhibition by dibutyryl cyclic AMP of the transition to metaphase of mouse oocyte nuclei and its reversal by cell fusion to metaphase oocytes.

    abstract::Mouse oocytes at metaphase I of meiotic maturation were treated with puromycin, which caused the condensed chromosomes to become decondensed to form an interphase nucleus. The chromosomes returned to a metaphase state 6.3 hr after the oocytes were transferred to puromycin-free medium [H. J. Clarke and Y. Masui (1983) ...

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  • Mesodermal expression of integrin α5β1 regulates neural crest development and cardiovascular morphogenesis.

    abstract::Integrin α5-null embryos die in mid-gestation from severe defects in cardiovascular morphogenesis, which stem from defective development of the neural crest, heart and vasculature. To investigate the role of integrin α5β1 in cardiovascular development, we used the Mesp1(Cre) knock-in strain of mice to ablate integrin ...

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  • Distinct roles of Fgf8, Foxi1, Dlx3b and Pax8/2 during otic vesicle induction and maintenance in medaka.

    abstract::The development of the vertebrate inner ear is a complex process that has been investigated in several model organisms. In this work, we examined genetic interactions regulating early development of otic structures in medaka. We demonstrate that misexpression of Fgf8, Dlx3b and Foxi1 during early gastrulation is suffi...

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  • Development of the enteric nervous system in the moth. I. Diversity of cell types and the embryonic expression of FMRFamide-related neuropeptides.

    abstract::The enteric nervous system (ENS) of the larval moth Manduca sexta consists of two small ganglia and several nerve networks that lie superficially along the alimentary tract. Within this system are approximately 600 neurons that exhibit a spectrum of biochemical and morphological characteristics and that express these ...

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  • Hand transcription factors cooperatively regulate development of the distal midline mesenchyme.

    abstract::Hand proteins are evolutionally conserved basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factors implicated in development of neural crest-derived tissues, heart and limb. Hand1 is expressed in the distal (ventral) zone of the branchial arches, whereas the Hand2 expression domain extends ventrolaterally to occupy two-thi...

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  • Inner cell allocation in the mouse morula: the role of oriented division during fourth cleavage.

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  • The coupling of cyclic GMP and photopolarization of Pelvetia zygotes.

    abstract::Unidirectional blue light directs the rhizoid-thallus axis in the apolar zygotes of Fucus and Pelvetia. Here, it is shown that blue light (but not red light) increased cyclic GMP levels of Pelvetia zygotes by about a factor of 2. When the increase in cyclic GMP was blocked by a guanylyl cyclase inhibitor, photopolariz...

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  • Ecdysone regulates morphogenesis and function of Malpighian tubules in Drosophila melanogaster through EcR-B2 isoform.

    abstract::Malpighian tubules are the osmoregulatory and detoxifying organs of Drosophila and its proper development is critical for the survival of the organism. They are made up of two major cell types, the ectodermal principal cells and mesodermal stellate cells. The principal and stellate cells are structurally and physiolog...

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  • The sea urchin kinome: a first look.

    abstract::This paper reports a preliminary in silico analysis of the sea urchin kinome. The predicted protein kinases in the sea urchin genome were identified, annotated and classified, according to both function and kinase domain taxonomy. The results show that the sea urchin kinome, consisting of 353 protein kinases, is close...

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    authors: Bradham CA,Foltz KR,Beane WS,Arnone MI,Rizzo F,Coffman JA,Mushegian A,Goel M,Morales J,Geneviere AM,Lapraz F,Robertson AJ,Kelkar H,Loza-Coll M,Townley IK,Raisch M,Roux MM,Lepage T,Gache C,McClay DR,Manning G

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  • Multi-scale regulation of cell branching: Modeling morphogenesis.

    abstract::Plant growth and development are driven by extended phases of irreversible cell expansion generating cells that increase in volume from 10- to 100-fold. Some specialized cell types define cortical sites that reinitiate polarized growth and generate branched cell morphology. This structural specialization of individual...

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  • Roles of ADAM13-regulated Wnt activity in early Xenopus eye development.

    abstract::Pericellular proteolysis by ADAM family metalloproteinases has been widely implicated in cell signaling and development. We recently found that Xenopus ADAM13, an ADAM metalloproteinase, is required for activation of canonical Wnt signaling during cranial neural crest (CNC) induction by regulating a novel crosstalk be...

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  • Induction of an epithelial-mesenchymal transition by an in vivo adheron-like complex.

    abstract::The embryonic vertebrate heart consists of two epithelia: the myocardium and endothelium, separated by the myocardial basement membrane (MBM). The myocardium has been shown to induce endothelial transformation into prevalvular mesenchyme in a temporally and site restricted manner. Previously, we hypothesized that the ...

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  • Single-cell analysis of regulatory gene expression in quiescent and activated mouse skeletal muscle satellite cells.

    abstract::Repair and regeneration of adult skeletal muscle are mediated by satellite cells. In healthy muscle these rare mononucleate muscle precursor cells are mitotically quiescent. Upon muscle injury or degeneration, members of this self-renewing pool are activated to proliferate and then differentiate. Here we analyzed in s...

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  • Sequential acquisition of transcriptional control during early embryonic development in the rabbit.

    abstract::Regulation of gene expression during early embryonic development in the rabbit was investigated by quantitative assay of firefly luciferase activity obtained by microinjection of three plasmid constructs using the regulatory region of polyomavirus promoter (PrPyV) with two different enhancer sequences (wild type or mu...

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  • Stage-specific increase in cell surface galactosyltransferase activity during spermatogenesis in mice bearing t alleles.

    abstract::Mouse sperm surface galactosyltransferase (GalTase) mediates fertilization by binding to its appropriate glycoconjugate substrate in the egg zona pellucida. GalTase is present throughout all stages of spermatogenesis, during which time it redistributes within the plasma membrane from a uniform, diffuse distribution on...

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  • Constitutive activation of hedgehog signaling adversely affects epithelial cell fate during palatal fusion.

    abstract::Cleft palate is one of the most common craniofacial congenital defects in humans. It is associated with multiple genetic and environmental risk factors, including mutations in the genes encoding signaling molecules in the sonic hedgehog (Shh) pathway, which are risk factors for cleft palate in both humans and mice. Ho...

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  • Inhibition of protein kinase A phenocopies ectopic expression of hedgehog in the CNS of wild-type and cyclops mutant embryos.

    abstract::The zebrafish hedgehog (hh) family members tiggy-winkle hedgehog (twhh) and sonic hedgehog (shh) are involved in patterning the ventral CNS and proximal eye. Using a dominant negative protein kinase A regulatory subunit mutant, we show that these hh activities are mediated by protein kinase A. The effects of dominant ...

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  • NFAT5/TonEBP controls early acquisition of notochord phenotypic markers, collagen composition, and sonic hedgehog signaling during mouse intervertebral disc embryogenesis.

    abstract::High osmolarity, bound water, and hydrostatic pressure contribute to notochord mechanics and its morphogenesis into the nucleus pulposus (NP) compartment of the intervertebral disc. Indeed, the osmoadaptive transcription factor, nuclear factor of activated T-cells 5 (NFAT5 aka TonEBP), is robustly expressed by residen...

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    authors: Tessier S,Madhu V,Johnson ZI,Shapiro IM,Risbud MV

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  • Reception and transduction of the serotonin signal responsible for meiosis reinitiation in oocytes of the Japanese clam Ruditapes philippinarum.

    abstract::Prophase-arrested oocytes of Ruditapes philippinarum are triggered to undergo germinal vesicle breakdown under the influence of the neurohormone serotonin (5HT) and then arrest in metaphase 1. Our data show that these oocytes possess a single class of original 5HT receptors. Their binding parameters have been determin...

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    authors: Gobet I,Durocher Y,Leclerc C,Moreau M,Guerrier P

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  • Natural size variation among embryos leads to the corresponding scaling in gene expression.

    abstract::Xenopus laevis frogs from laboratory stocks normally lay eggs exhibiting extensive size variability. We find that these initial size differences subsequently affect the size of the embryos prior to the onset of growth, and the size of tadpoles during the growth period. Even though these tadpoles differ in size, their ...

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