Effects of creatine on mental fatigue and cerebral hemoglobin oxygenation.


:While the role of creatine in preventing muscle (peripheral) fatigue for high performance athletes is well understood, its biochemical role in prevention of mental (central) fatigue is not. Creatine is abundant in muscles and the brain and after phosphorylation used as an energy source for adenosine triphosphate synthesis. Using double-blind placebo-controlled paradigm, we demonstrated that dietary supplement of creatine (8 g/day for 5 days) reduces mental fatigue when subjects repeatedly perform a simple mathematical calculation. After taking the creatine supplement, task-evoked increase of cerebral oxygenated hemoglobin in the brains of subjects measured by near infrared spectroscopy was significantly reduced, which is compatible with increased oxygen utilization in the brain.


Neurosci Res


Neuroscience research


Watanabe A,Kato N,Kato T




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  • Shank3 contributes to neuropathic pain by facilitating the SNI-dependent increase of HCN2 and the expression of PSD95.

    abstract::Neuropathic pain is a very complex chronic pain state, the detailed molecular mechanisms of which remain unclear. In the present study, Shank3 was found to play an important role in neuropathic pain in rats following spared nerve injury (SNI). Shank3 was upregulated in the spinal dorsal horn of rats subjected to SNI, ...

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  • Regulation of cortical blood flow responses by the nucleus basalis of Meynert during nociceptive processing.

    abstract::Cerebral blood flow (CBF) is essential for neuronal metabolic functions. CBF is partly regulated by cholinergic projections from the nucleus basalis of Meynert (NBM) during cortical processing of sensory information. During pain-related processing, however, this mechanism may be altered by large fluctuations in system...

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  • Short-term potentiation at the parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapse.

    abstract::Changes in synaptic efficacy at the parallel fiber (PF)-Purkinje cell (PC) synapse are postulated to be a cellular basis for motor learning. Although long-term efficacy changes lasting more than an hour at this synapse, i.e., long-term potentiation and depression, have been extensively studied, relatively short lastin...

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  • Alpha-synuclein release by neurons activates the inflammatory response in a microglial cell line.

    abstract::The neurodegenerative process in Parkinson's disease (PD) is accompanied by the presence of a neuroinflammatory response, which has been suggested as one of the principal components involved in PD progression. In this report we assessed the inflammatory potential of alpha-synuclein, a protein central to PD pathogenesi...

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  • Unmasking of silent "task-related" neuronal activity in the monkey prefrontal cortex by a GABA(A) antagonist.

    abstract::To examine the role of GABA on prefrontal neuronal activity in the control of behavior, a GABA(A) receptor antagonist, bicuculline methiodite (BMI), was iontophoretically applied to prefrontal neurons while monkeys performed a visual reaction time task. Iontophoretic application of BMI uncovered "task-related" activit...

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  • Variety of morphological and electrophysiological properties of area postrema neurons in adult rat brain slices.

    abstract::Whole-cell recordings were performed to examine the morphological properties of electrophysiologically classified area postrema (AP) neurons in rat brain slices. Using electrophysiological criteria, AP neurons were subdivided into three groups: (1) cells displaying both the hyperpolarization-activated cation current (...

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