Impedance analyser module for EIT and spectroscopy using undersampling.


:In this paper we present the concept, the design and the test procedure for a DSP-based high-precision and high-performance wide-band (up to 10 MHz) bioimpedance analyser module for application in EIT or bioimpedance spectroscopy. The module implements a digital concept with appropriate signal conditioning hardware for voltage and current measurement, early signal digitization and subsequent digital signal processing in order to calculate the components of impedance (or admittance). At low frequencies, the module utilizes the conventional direct conversion method, whereas at high frequencies the undersampling technique is used. The advantages of the described system are the following: (a) the frequency range is extended to higher frequencies, (b) the number of data sampled per time interval is significantly reduced, and (c) the current consumption and the costs of the ADCs can be significantly reduced. The validation procedure is performed by comparing the measured and theoretical values of the magnitude and the phase of the impedance for a commonly used tissue model. The module offers an accuracy of better than 0.012% for the magnitude of impedance and better than 0.02 degrees for the phase.


Physiol Meas


Dudykevych T,Gersing E,Thiel F,Hellige G




Has Abstract


2001-02-01 00:00:00












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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:PaCO2 affects cerebral blood flow (CBF) and its regulatory mechanisms, but the effects of CO2 measurement technique on cerebrovascular parameters are unknown. In order to determine if the two most commonly used approaches, face mask (FM) or nasal cannulae (NC), are interchangeable or not, we tested the hypoth...

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  • Esophageal temperature monitoring during radiofrequency catheter ablation: experimental study based on an agar phantom model.

    abstract::Although previous studies have established the feasibility of monitoring esophageal temperature during radiofrequency cardiac ablation using an esophageal temperature probe (ETP), some questions remain regarding its efficacy. The aims of this study were to study the effect of the location of the ETP on the temperature...

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