Cystic Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Jaws: Twelve Cases Highlighting Histopathological Pitfalls.


:Cystic squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) of the jaws, including carcinoma cuniculatum, are rare, slow growing, and relentlessly invasive. The aim of this article is to present 12 cases, 4 of which were designated as carcinoma cuniculatum on the basis of deeply endophytic, anastomosing channels of cystic stratified squamous epithelium and keratin microabscesses. The other 8 were also cystic, but more heterogeneous morphologically and were diagnosed as well differentiated SCCs. Six patients were female, 6 were male (mean age = 74.0 years, range = 50-94 years). Six tumors affected the mandible, 6 the maxillary alveolus with or without extension into the hard palate. All patients underwent primary resection with neck dissection and were staged as T4a N0 M0. In 4 patients, diagnosis was delayed as a result of superficial biopsies and/or confusing histopathology. Cystic SCCs of the jaws can be difficult to diagnose and clinicoradiological correlation is essential. Long-term follow-up is mandatory.


Int J Surg Pathol


Barrett AW,Garg M,Armstrong D,Bisase BS,Newman L,Norris PM,Shelley M,Tighe JV,Hyde NC,Chaston NJ,Gulati A




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