Role of Calomys musculinus peritoneal macrophages in age-related resistance to Junin virus infection.


:In nature, the cricetid Calomys musculinus is the principal host of Junin virus, the etiological agent of Argentine hemorrhagic fever. In the experimental infection, adult C. musculinus survived whereas newborns died after intraperitoneal inoculation with the XJ.Cl3 strain of Junin virus. The role of peritoneal macrophages in this age-related resistance was studied. Junin virus multiplied in cultivated macrophages from either neonatal or adult animals and, therefore, it was not possible to correlate the susceptibility of peritoneal macrophages to Junin virus infection with the age-dependent resistance. When adult and neonatal animals were treated with silica prior to Junin virus infection, deaths occurred in the adults, while a delay and decrease in the mortality rate were observed in neonatals. These results suggest that in neonatal C. musculinus macrophages could be permissive cells for Junin virus multiplication, whereas in adult cricetids, these cells would act as a barrier against viral infection by means of an extrinsic antiviral activity.


J Med Virol


Coulombié FC,Alché LE,Lampuri JS,Coto CE




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