Reduced IL-6 levels and tumor-associated phospho-STAT3 are associated with reduced tumor development in a mouse model of lung cancer chemoprevention with myo-inositol.


:Several promising chemopreventive agents have for lung cancer emerged in preclinical models and in retrospective trials. These agents have been shown to modulate pathways altered in carcinogenesis and reduce markers of carcinogenesis in animal and cell culture models. Cancer-prone transgenic mice with oncogenic Kras expressed in the airway epithelium (CcspCre/+ ; KrasLSL-G12D/+ ) were raised on diets compounded with myo-inositol. These animals form lung premalignant lesions in a stereotypical fashion over the ten weeks following weaning. Mice raised on myo-inositol containing diets showed potent reduction in the number, size, and stage of lesions as compared to those raised on control diets. myo-inositol has previously been reported to inhibit phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) signaling. However, in mice raised on myo-inositol, total PI3K signaling was largely unaffected. Proteomic and cytokine analyses revealed large reduction in IL-6 related pathways, including STAT3 phosphorylation. This effect was not due to direct inhibition of IL-6 production and autocrine signaling within the tumor cell, but rather through alteration in macrophage recruitment and in phenotype switching, with an increase in antitumoral M1 macrophages.


Int J Cancer


Unver N,Delgado O,Zeleke K,Cumpian A,Tang X,Caetano MS,Wang H,Katayama H,Yu H,Szabo E,Wistuba II,Moghaddam SJ,Hanash SM,Ostrin EJ




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    abstract::Increased levels of hypoxia and hypoxia-inducible factor 1α (HIF-1α) in human sarcomas correlate with tumor progression and radiation resistance. Prolonged antiangiogenic therapy of tumors not only delays tumor growth but may also increase hypoxia and HIF-1α activity. In our recent clinical trial, treatment with the v...

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  • The 8.1 ancestral MHC haplotype is strongly associated with colorectal cancer risk.

    abstract::Many recent data indicate that some alleles encoded in the central major histocompatibility complex (MHC) region (Class III) of short arm of chromosome 6 may modify the risk of cancer development. Therefore we determined 4 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of this region (TNF-alpha -308 G > A, RAGE -429 T > C, HS...

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  • Relationships among tumor responsiveness, cell sensitivity, doxorubicin cellular pharmacokinetics and drug-induced DNA alterations in two human small-cell lung cancer xenografts.

    abstract::In an attempt to understand the underlying cellular/biochemical factors of sensitivity/resistance in human small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), 2 SCLC tumor lines were compared with respect to tumor responsiveness to drug treatment, cell sensitivity, cellular doxorubicin accumulation, and DNA topoisomerase-II-mediated DNA c...

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  • Fine-mapping of a region of chromosome 5p15.33 (TERT-CLPTM1L) suggests a novel locus in TERT and a CLPTM1L haplotype are associated with glioma susceptibility in a Chinese population.

    abstract::Two genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified 5p15.33 (TERT-CLPTM1L) as one of the susceptible regions for glioma in European background. A replication research of our group highlighted the association signals in the TERT gene of this region in a Chinese Han population. To comprehensively explore the regi...

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    abstract::Neoplastic transformation is characterised by an imbalance in favour of cell growth over programmed cell death (apoptosis). The tumour-suppressor gene p53, responsible for maintaining cell-cycle control, is mutated in the majority of human cancers. Loss of function of the target genes of p53 are therefore important in...

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