With age a lower individual breathing reserve is associated with a higher maximal heart rate.


INTRODUCTION:Maximal heart rate (HRmax) is linearly declining with increasing age. Regular exercise training is supposed to partly prevent this decline, whereas sex and habitual physical activity do not. High exercise capacity is associated with a high cardiac output (HR x stroke volume) and high ventilatory requirements. Due to the close cardiorespiratory coupling, we hypothesized that the individual ventilatory response to maximal exercise might be associated with the age-related HRmax. METHODS:Retrospective analyses have been conducted on the results of 129 consecutively performed routine cardiopulmonary exercise tests. The study sample comprised healthy subjects of both sexes of a broad range of age (20-86 years). Maximal values of power output, minute ventilation, oxygen uptake and heart rate were assessed by the use of incremental cycle spiroergometry. RESULTS:Linear multivariate regression analysis revealed that in addition to age the individual breathing reserve at maximal exercise was independently predictive for HRmax. A lower breathing reserve due to a high ventilatory demand and/or a low ventilatory capacity, which is more pronounced at a higher age, was associated with higher HRmax. Age explained the observed variance in HRmax by 72% and was improved to 83% when the variable "breathing reserve" was entered. DISCUSSION:The presented findings indicate an independent association between the breathing reserve at maximal exercise and maximal heart rate, i.e. a low individual breathing reserve is associated with a higher age-related HRmax. A deeper understanding of this association has to be investigated in a more physiological scenario.


Burtscher M,Gatterer H,Faulhaber M,Burtscher J




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  • Arousal and ventilatory responses to hypoxia in sleeping infants: effects of maternal smoking.

    abstract::Our aim was to determine whether maternal cigarette smoking affects arousal and ventilatory responses to hypoxia in infants. Infants born to non-smoking (NS, n = 15) and smoking mothers (SM, n= 9) were studied at 2-5 weeks, 2-3 and 5-6 months. Ventilatory responses to 15% O(2) were determined preceding arousal. At eac...

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  • Perinatal development of respiratory motoneurons.

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  • Reappraisal of DLCO adjustment to interpret the adaptive response of the air-blood barrier to hypoxia.

    abstract::DLCO measured in hypoxia must be corrected due to the higher affinity (increase in coefficient θ) of CO with Hb. We propose an adjustment accounting for individual changes in the equation relating DLCO to subcomponents Dm (membrane diffusive capacity) and Vc (lung capillary volume): 1/DLCO=1/Dm+1/θVc. We adjusted the ...

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