Is parasternal intercostal EMG an accurate surrogate of respiratory neural drive and biomarker of dyspnea during cycle exercise testing?


:Recent evidence suggests that surface electromyography of the parasternal intercostals (EMGpara) can be a non-invasive alternative to diaphragmatic EMG (EMGdi) for estimating neural respiratory drive (NRD) during cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET). The purpose of this study was to determine if non-respiratory muscles influence EMGpara by having subjects place their hands on (Hon) and off (Hoff) the handlebars during cycling-based CPET. Ten healthy adults performed an incremental cycling test until volitional exhaustion. Participants were instrumented with an esophageal electrode catheter to measure EMGdi, and surface electrodes on the 2nd intercostal space to measure EMGpara. Subjects alternated between 30s of Hon and 30s Hoff during each exercise stage. There were no differences in EMGdi across all exercise intensities. However, EMGpara was significantly greater during the Hon vs. Hoff condition at all exercise intensities (p<0.05). These results suggest that EMGpara may not be an appropriate surrogate of NRD during cycle exercise testing due to co-activation of adjacent skeletal muscles.


Ramsook AH,Mitchell RA,Bell T,Calli S,Kennedy C,Lehmann J,Thompson M,Puyat JH,Guenette JA




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  • Upright posture increases oxyhemoglobin saturation in Peruvian highlanders.

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  • Reappraisal of DLCO adjustment to interpret the adaptive response of the air-blood barrier to hypoxia.

    abstract::DLCO measured in hypoxia must be corrected due to the higher affinity (increase in coefficient θ) of CO with Hb. We propose an adjustment accounting for individual changes in the equation relating DLCO to subcomponents Dm (membrane diffusive capacity) and Vc (lung capillary volume): 1/DLCO=1/Dm+1/θVc. We adjusted the ...

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  • Impact of sleep disordered breathing on carotid body size.

    abstract::We tested the hypotheses that: (1) carotid body size can be measured by computed tomographic angiography (CTA) with high inter-observer agreement, and (2) patients with sleep apnea exhibit larger carotid bodies than those without sleep apnea. A chart review was conducted from patients who underwent neck CTA and polyso...

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  • Maximal O(2) consumption: Effects of gravity withdrawal and resumption.

    abstract::Maximal O(2) consumption (V(O)(2) max) is an index of integrated cardiopulmonary function. After having defined it, discussed its limitation, and described its measurement, we present data during and after space flight and simulation. During gravity withdrawal, V(O)(2) max stays unchanged. It suddenly drops when the s...

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  • Trophic factor expression in phrenic motor neurons.

    abstract::The function of a motor neuron and the muscle fibers it innervates (i.e., a motor unit) determines neuromotor output. Unlike other skeletal muscles, respiratory muscles (e.g., the diaphragm, DIAm) must function from birth onwards in sustaining ventilation. DIAm motor units are capable of both ventilatory and non-venti...

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    abstract::This investigation examined the effects of a six-week inspiratory resistance training (IRT) on metabolic health biomarkers, pulmonary function, and endurance in obese individuals. Twenty-eight obese adults (BMI > 27 kg/m2 Taiwan obesity criteria) were randomly assigned to either IRT (IRT; N = 16) or sham control (PLA;...

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  • Pre-junctional muscarinic autoreceptors in bovine airways.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:We searched for pre-junctional inhibitory muscarinic receptors in isolated bovine trachealis strips and bronchial rings. Electric stimulation (ES)-induced tritiated acetylcholine ([(3)H]-ACh)-release and isometric contractions were determined in muscles incubated with the non-selective muscarinic agonist pil...

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  • Comparison of micron- and nanoparticle deposition patterns in a realistic human nasal cavity.

    abstract::Knowledge regarding particle deposition processes in the nasal cavity is important in aerosol therapy and inhalation toxicology applications. This paper presents a comparative study of the deposition of micron and submicron particles under different steady laminar flow rates using a Lagrangian approach. A computationa...

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  • Chronic intermittent hyperoxia alters the development of the hypoxic ventilatory response in neonatal rats.

    abstract::Chronic exposure to sustained hyperoxia alters the development of the respiratory control system, but the respiratory effects of chronic intermittent hyperoxia have rarely been investigated. We exposed newborn rats to short, repeated bouts of 30% O2 or 60% O2 (5 bouts h(-1)) for 4-15 days and then assessed their hypox...

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  • Exercise intensity and middle cerebral artery dynamics in humans.

    abstract::Despite its necessity for understanding healthy brain aging, the influence of exercise intensity on cerebrovascular kinetics is currently unknown. We, therefore characterized middle cerebral artery blood flow velocity (MCAv) kinetics associated with two exercise intensities: low and moderate. We hypothesized that incr...

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