Lubricating effect of sialomucin and hyaluronan on pleural mesothelium.


:Coefficient of kinetic friction (μ) between rabbit visceral and parietal pleura, sliding in vitro at physiological velocities and load, increases markedly after blotting mesothelial surface with filter paper; this increase is only partially reduced by wetting blotted mesothelium with Ringer solution. Given that mesothelial surface is covered by a thick coat with sialomucin and hyaluronan, we tested whether addition of sialomucin or hyaluronan solution after blotting lowers μ more than Ringer alone. Actually, these macromolecules lowered μ more than Ringer, so that μ was no longer significantly higher than its preblotting value. Moreover, Ringer addition, after washout of macromolecule solution, increased μ, in line with their dilution. These findings indicate that mesothelial blotting removes part of these molecules from the coat covering mesothelial surface, and their relevance for pleural lubrication. Transmission electron micrographs of pleural specimens after mesothelial blotting showed that microvilli were partially or largely removed from mesothelium, consistent with a substantial loss of macromolecules normally entrapped among them.


Bodega F,Pecchiari M,Sironi C,Porta C,Arnaboldi F,Barajon I,Agostoni E




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  • TRPM8 channel is involved in the ventilatory response to CO2 mediating hypercapnic Ca2+ responses.

    abstract::The role of TRP channels in the ventilatory response to CO2 was investigated in vivo. To this end, the respiration of unrestrained adult TRPM8-, TRPV1- and TRPV4-channel knockout mice was measured using whole-body plethysmography. Under control conditions and hyperoxic hypercapnia, no difference in respiratory paramet...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Consequences of OSAS include excessive daytime sleepiness, divided sleep architecture, impaired neurocognitive performance, and significant psychosocial disruption. In this study we aimed to evaluate sleep spindles changes before and after PAP treatment in patient with OSA. METHODS:Seventy-three consecutive ...

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    abstract::The aim of this study was to examine whether lung function and respiratory muscle strength are associated with weightlifting strength and body composition in non-athletic males. A total 51 males with resistance training experience participated. One-repetition maximum tests were performed for the bench press, squat and...

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