Level of tissue differentiation influences the activation of a heat-inducible flower-specific system for genetic containment in poplar (Populus tremula L.).


KEY MESSAGE:Differentiation level but not transgene copy number influenced activation of a gene containment system in poplar. Heat treatments promoted CRE gene body methylation. The flower-specific transgene deletion was confirmed. Gene flow between genetic modified trees and their wild relatives is still motive of concern. Therefore, approaches for gene containment are required. In this study, we designed a novel strategy for achieving an inducible and flower-specific transgene removal from poplar trees but still expressing the transgene in the plant body. Hence, pollen carrying transgenes could be used for breeding purposes under controlled conditions in a first phase, and in the second phase genetic modified poplars developing transgene-free pollen grains could be released. This approach is based on the recombination systems CRE/loxP and FLP/frt. Both gene constructs contained a heat-inducible CRE/loxP-based spacer sequence for in vivo assembling of the flower-specific FLP/frt system. This allowed inducible activation of gene containment. The FLP/frt system was under the regulation of a flower-specific promoter, either CGPDHC or PTD. Our results confirmed complete CRE/loxP-based in vivo assembling of the flower-specific transgene excision system after heat treatment in all cells for up to 30 % of regenerants derived from undifferentiated tissue cultures. Degradation of HSP::CRE/loxP spacer after recombination but also persistence as extrachromosomal DNA circles were detected in sub-lines obtained after heat treatments. Furthermore, heat treatment promoted methylation of the CRE gene body. A lower methylation level was detected at CpG sites in transgenic sub-lines showing complete CRE/loxP recombination and persistence of CRE/loxP spacer, compared to sub-lines with incomplete recombination. However, our results suggest that low methylation might be necessary but not sufficient for recombination. The flower-specific FLP/frt-based transgene deletion was confirmed in 6.3 % of flowers.


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Plant cell reports


Hoenicka H,Lehnhardt D,Nunna S,Reinhardt R,Jeltsch A,Briones V,Fladung M




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  • Cryopreservation of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas [L.] Lam.) shoot tips by vitrification.

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    abstract::A protocol for protoplast isolation was developed and tested with five Capsicum genotypes representing two cultivated species, C. annuum and C. chinense. Key variables included growth conditions for source plants and the concentration of mannitol used as osmoticum. Protoplasts isolated from each of the genotypes becam...

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  • Purple-leaved Ficus lyrata plants produced by overexpressing a grapevine VvMybA1 gene.

    abstract:KEY MESSAGE:This study established an efficient method of regenerating plants of Ficus lyrata and producing purple-leaved F. lyrata plants through genetic transformation using a VvMybA1 gene of grapevine. ABSTRACT:Ficus lyrata, a species with unique violin- or guitar-shaped leaves, was regenerated from leaf-derived ca...

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  • Photosynthetically active suspension cultures of potato spindle tuber viroid infected tomato cells as tools for studying viroid - host cell interaction.

    abstract::Photosynthetically active callus and cell suspension cultures were established from uninfected Lycopersicon peruvianum plants and from uninfected and potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) infected plants of Lycopersicon esculentum cv. Rutgers. Viroid infection was maintained in photoheterotrophic culture on media contai...

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