Comparison of protein repeat classifications based on structure and sequence families.


:Tandem repeats (TR) in proteins are common in nature and have several unique functions. They come in various forms that are frequently difficult to recognize from a sequence. A previously proposed structural classification has been recently implemented in the RepeatsDB database. This defines five main classes, mainly based on repeat unit length, with subclasses representing specific folds. Sequence-based classifications, such as Pfam, provide an alternative classification based on evolutionarily conserved repeat families. Here, we discuss a detailed comparison between the structural classes in RepeatsDB and the corresponding Pfam repeat families and clans. Most instances are found to map one-to-one between structure and sequence. Some notable exceptions such as leucine-rich repeats (LRRs) and α-solenoids are discussed.


Biochem Soc Trans


Paladin L,Tosatto SC




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  • The methyl-CpG-binding protein MeCP2 and neurological disease.

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  • Distant cousins: genomic and sequence diversity within the BPI fold-containing (BPIF)/PLUNC protein family.

    abstract::PLUNC (palate, lung and nasal epithelium clone) proteins make up the largest branch of the BPI (bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein)/LBP (lipopolysaccharide-binding protein) family of lipid-transfer proteins. PLUNCs make up one of the most rapidly evolving mammalian protein families and exhibit low levels of ...

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  • Thioredoxin as a putative biomarker and candidate target in age-related immune decline.

    abstract::The oxidoreductase Trx-1 (thioredoxin 1) is highly conserved and found intra- and extra-cellularly in mammalian systems. There is increasing interest in its capacity to regulate immune function based on observations of altered distribution and expression during ageing and disease. We have investigated previously wheth...

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  • Mass spectrometric analysis of glucose-modified ribonuclease.

    abstract::RNase A (1 mM) was incubated with glucose (0.4 M) at 37 degrees C for up to 14 days in phosphate buffer (0.2 M, pH 7.4), digested with trypsin and analysed by LC-MS. The major sites of fructoselysine formation were Lys(1), Lys(7), Lys(37) and Lys(41). Three of these sites (Lys(7), Lys(37) and Lys(41)) were also the ma...

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  • Beta galactosidases in Arabidopsis and tomato - a mini review.

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  • Investigating mitochondrial radical production using targeted probes.

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  • Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression by Unr.

    abstract::Unr (upstream of N-ras) is a eukaryotic RNA-binding protein that has a number of roles in the post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Originally identified as an activator of internal initiation of picornavirus translation, it has since been shown to act as an activator and inhibitor of cellular translatio...

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  • The intestinal immunoendocrine axis: novel cross-talk between enteroendocrine cells and the immune system during infection and inflammatory disease.

    abstract::The intestinal epithelium represents one of our most important interfaces with the external environment. It must remain tightly balanced to allow nutrient absorption, but maintain barrier function and immune homoeostasis, a failure of which results in chronic infection or debilitating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)....

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  • Novel structural determinants of single-channel conductance in nicotinic acetylcholine and 5-hydroxytryptamine type-3 receptors.

    abstract::Nicotinic ACh (acetylcholine) and 5-HT3 (5-hydroxytryptamine type-3) receptors are cation-selective ion channels of the Cys-loop transmitter-gated ion channel superfamily. Numerous lines of evidence indicate that the channel lining domain of such receptors is formed by the alpha-helical M2 domain (second transmembrane...

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