Development of porcine tetraploid somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos is influenced by oocyte nuclei.


:Cloning efficiency in mammalian systems remains low because reprogramming of donor cells is frequently incomplete. Nuclear factors in the oocyte are removed by enucleation, and this removal may adversely affect reprogramming efficiency. Here, we investigated the role of porcine oocyte nuclear factors during reprogramming. We introduced somatic cell nuclei into intact MII oocytes to establish tetraploid somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) embryos containing both somatic nuclei and oocyte nuclei. We then examined the influence of the oocyte nucleus on tetraploid SCNT embryo development by assessing characteristics including pronucleus formation, cleavage rate, and blastocyst formation. Overall, tetraploid SCNT embryos have a higher developmental competence than do standard diploid SCNT embryos. Therefore, we have established an embryonic model in which a fetal fibroblast nucleus and an oocyte metaphase II plate coexist. Tetraploid SCNT represents a new research platform that is potentially useful for examining interactions between donor nuclei and oocyte nuclei. This platform should facilitate further understanding of the roles played by nuclear factors during reprogramming.


Cell Biol Int


Fu B,Liu D,Ma H,Guo ZH,Wang L,Li ZQ,Peng FG,Bai J




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  • Nuclear antigens, as DNA, of DSB389 MAb and some other anti-desmin monoclonal antibodies.

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    abstract::To identify the molecular basis by which nonpermissive temperature (NPT) induces cell differentiation in Sertoli TTE3 cells harboring temperature-sensitive SV40 large T-antigen, we performed global scale microarray and computational gene network analyses. In TTE3 cells, inactivation of the large T-antigen by a NPT at ...

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    abstract::Glutamyl aminopeptidase (GluAP, EC, ENPEP) is a 130-kDa homodimeric zinc metallopeptidase which specifically cleaves the N-terminal glutamate or aspartate residue of peptidic substrates such as cholecystokinin-8 or angiotensin (Ang) II, in vitro. We used a DNA microarray hybridization (Genechip Rat Expression...

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  • Characterization and localization of dynein and myosins V and VI in the ovaries of queen bees.

    abstract::The presence of myosin and dynein in the ovaries of both Apis mellifera and Scaptotrigona postica was investigated in extracts and in histological sections. In the ovary extracts, motor proteins, myosins V, VI and dynein were detected by Western blot. In histological sections, they were detected by immunocytochemistry...

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  • Mycobacterial growth in human macrophages: variation according to donor, inoculum and bacterial strain.

    abstract::The microbicidal capacity of the macrophage is frequently evaded by mycobacteria, leading to tuberculosis (TB). We investigated a number of parameters affecting the rate of growth of mycobacteria in human monocyte-derived macrophages (MDM). The results show a great deal of variation in the growth of both Mycobacterium...

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  • Increased levels of UV-induced protease activity in human UVAP-1 cells exposed to gravity-changing stress: involvement of E-64-sensitive proteases in suppression of UV mutagenicity.

    abstract::Under the 1G condition, the increase in antipain-sensitive protease activity promptly after UV (mainly 254 nm wavelength) irradiation in cultured human cells is detected and found to be one of the intriguing events involved in suppression of cell mutability. It was found that two cell lines, RSa and its variant UVAP-1...

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  • Metallothionein in human immunomagnetically selected CD34(+) haematopoietic progenitor cells.

    abstract::Human umbilical CD34(+) immature haematopoietic cells were rapidly and efficiently obtained from light density MNC (mononuclear cells) by MACS (magnetic cell sorting). An ex vivo expanded population of CD34(+) was cultured in serum-free medium supplemented with cytokines FL (flt3 ligand), SCF (stem cell factor) and TP...

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