Development of porcine tetraploid somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos is influenced by oocyte nuclei.


:Cloning efficiency in mammalian systems remains low because reprogramming of donor cells is frequently incomplete. Nuclear factors in the oocyte are removed by enucleation, and this removal may adversely affect reprogramming efficiency. Here, we investigated the role of porcine oocyte nuclear factors during reprogramming. We introduced somatic cell nuclei into intact MII oocytes to establish tetraploid somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) embryos containing both somatic nuclei and oocyte nuclei. We then examined the influence of the oocyte nucleus on tetraploid SCNT embryo development by assessing characteristics including pronucleus formation, cleavage rate, and blastocyst formation. Overall, tetraploid SCNT embryos have a higher developmental competence than do standard diploid SCNT embryos. Therefore, we have established an embryonic model in which a fetal fibroblast nucleus and an oocyte metaphase II plate coexist. Tetraploid SCNT represents a new research platform that is potentially useful for examining interactions between donor nuclei and oocyte nuclei. This platform should facilitate further understanding of the roles played by nuclear factors during reprogramming.


Cell Biol Int


Fu B,Liu D,Ma H,Guo ZH,Wang L,Li ZQ,Peng FG,Bai J




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2016-02-01 00:00:00












  • Suppression of ATP-induced Cl(-)secretion by enhanced expression of epithelial Na(+)channels in mouse endometrial epithelium.

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  • Combined application of in vivo UV-crosslinking and in vitro label transfer in the examination of AU-rich sequence binding protein-RNA interactions.

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  • Ro52/SSA sensitizes cells to death receptor-induced apoptosis by down-regulating c-FLIP(L).

    abstract::Ro52/SSA is an autoantigen that presents in patients with SS (Sjögren's syndrome) and SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus). It increases cell death and redistributes itself to apoptotic blebs, but its pro-apoptotic function has not been completely identified. Overexpression of Ro52/SSA promoted cell apoptosis induced by...

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  • The suppressive effect of CD25+Treg cells on Th1 differentiation requires cell-cell contact partially via TGF-β production.

    abstract::CD25+Treg cells (CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells) play a central role in the maintenance of peripheral self-tolerance and immune homoeostasis. A previous study showed that CD25+Treg cells suppressed the differentiation and function of Th1 cells in vivo and in vitro. However, the mechanism of suppressing Th1 cell di...

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  • Taxol induced Bcl-2 protein phosphorylation in human hepatocellular carcinoma QGY-7703 cell line.

    abstract::Bcl-2 family proteins play a critical role in the regulation of apoptosis. Treatment of a human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line, QGY-7703, with Taxol induced apoptosis and Bcl-2 protein phosphorylation. Microscopic observation indicated that apoptotic bodies (0-15%) of Taxol-treated QGY cells appeared after 12 h of...

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  • Nitric oxide induced oxidative changes in erythrocyte membrane components.

    abstract::The effects of NO in its environment may vary considerably depending on various factors. This study shows oxidative mechanism of cellular membrane alterations, which is not associated with triggering of ONOOH generation but is induced by pure NO. Our investigation examined the influence of low concentration of NO (0.1...

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  • miR-483-3p plays an oncogenic role in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by targeting tumor suppressor EI24.

    abstract::microRNAs (miRNAs), through negatively regulating their target genes, influence the development and progression of many cancers. Previously, we found miR-483 was overexpressed in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) tissues, and its overexpression was negatively correlated with the prognosis and positively correl...

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  • Establishment and characterization of endothelial cell lines from the aorta of miniature pig for the study of xenotransplantation.

    abstract::Pig endothelial cells are the first cells to interact with human immune components after organ xenotransplantation, which is a procedure currently considered to be the best treatment option for end-stage organ failure. It is, therefore, essential to study the mechanisms of molecular interaction between pig endothelial...

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  • vasa-related genes and their expression in stem cells of colonial parasitic rhizocephalan barnacle Polyascus polygenea (Arthropoda: Crustacea: Cirripedia: Rhizocephala).

    abstract::vasa (vas)-related genes are members of the DEAD-box protein family and are expressed in the germ cells of many Metazoa. We cloned vasa-related genes (PpVLG, CpVLG) and other DEAD-box family related genes (PpDRH1, PpDRH2, CpDRH, AtDRHr) from the colonial parasitic rhizocephalan barnacle Polyascus polygenea, the non-co...

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