Calpain-like: A Ca(2+) dependent cystein protease in Entamoeba histolytica cell death.


:Entamoeba histolytica programmed cell death (PCD) induced by G418 is characterized by the release of important amounts of intracellular calcium from reservoirs. Nevertheless, no typical caspases have been detected in the parasite, the PCD phenotype is inhibited by the cysteine protease inhibitor E-64. These results strongly suggest that Ca(2+)-dependent proteases could be involved in PCD. In this study, we evaluate the expression and activity of a specific dependent Ca(2+) protease, the calpain-like protease, by real-time quantitative PCR (RTq-PCR), Western blot assays and a enzymatic method during the induction of PCD by G418. Alternatively, using cell viability and TUNEL assays, we also demonstrated that the Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-al calpain inhibitor reduced the rate of cell death. The results demonstrated 4.9-fold overexpression of calpain-like gene 1.5 h after G418 PCD induction, while calpain-like protein increased almost two-fold with respect to basal calpain-like expression after 3 h of induction, and calpain activity was found to be approximately three-fold higher 6 h after treatment compared with untreated trophozoites. Taken together, these results suggest that this Ca(2+)-dependent protease could be involved in the executory phase of PCD.


Exp Parasitol


Monroy VS,Flores OM,García CG,Maya YC,Fernández TD,Pérez Ishiwara DG




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2015-12-01 00:00:00












  • Comparison of six simple methods for extracting ribosomal and mitochondrial DNA from Toxocara and Toxascaris nematodes.

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  • Refrigeration provides a simple means to synchronize in vitro cultures of Plasmodium falciparum.

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  • Strongyloides stercoralis: protective immunity to third-stage larvae inBALB/cByJ mice.

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  • Plasmodium falciparum: food vacuole localization of nitric oxide-derived species in intraerythrocytic stages of the malaria parasite.

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  • Toxoplasma gondii: a simple Real-time PCR assay to quantify the proliferation of the apicoplast.

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  • Plasmodium vivax: C-terminal diversity in the blood stage SERA genes from Indian field isolates.

    abstract::The burden of Plasmodium vivax malaria is huge in India, affecting a large population annually. Recent reports of P. vivax contributing to severe illness and death, makes vaccine research on P. vivax malaria, a high priority. Extent of sequence variation in antigen coding genes is known to be a major hurdle in vaccine...

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  • Schistosoma mansoni: surface membrane stability in vitro and in vivo.

    abstract::The human complement component C3b is known to bind in vitro to the surfaces of all developmental stages of schistosomes as a consequence of complement activation by the alternative pathway. C3b bound to Schistosoma mansoni parasites has now been used in combination with fluorescent labeled antibodies against C3b to l...

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  • A defined medium for Leishmania culture allows definition of essential amino acids.

    abstract::Axenic culture of Leishmania is generally performed in rich, serum-supplemented media which sustain robust growth over multiple passages. The use of such undefined media, however, obscures proteomic analyses and confounds the study of metabolism. We have established a simple, defined culture medium that supports the s...

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  • Cryptosporidium genotyping in Europe: The current status and processes for a harmonised multi-locus genotyping scheme.

    abstract::Due to the occurrence of genetic recombination, a reliable and discriminatory method to genotype Cryptosporidium isolates at the intra-species level requires the analysis of multiple loci, but a standardised scheme is not currently available. A workshop was held at the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin in 2016 that gather...

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    authors: Chalmers RM,Pérez-Cordón G,Cacció SM,Klotz C,Robertson LJ,participants of the Cryptosporidium genotyping workshop (EURO-FBP).

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  • In vitro activity of Sorghum bicolor extracts, 3-deoxyanthocyanidins, against Toxoplasma gondii.

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  • Molecular cloning and characterization of major vault protein of Echinococcus multilocularis.

    abstract::The cDNA clone coding a major vault protein (MVP)-like protein was derived from Echinococcus multilocularis cysts. MVP is a main component of vault particles, which are the largest cytoplasmic ribonucleoprotein particles in eukaryotic cells. We sequenced and characterized E. multilocularis MVP (EmMVP). The nucleotide ...

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  • Amblyomma americanum: physiochemical isolation of a protein derived from the tick salivary gland that is capable of inducing immune resistance in guinea pigs.

    abstract::Crude salivary gland derived proteins from Amblyomma americanum ticks were analyzed by physiochemical (gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography) and immunochemical guinea pig IgG1 (anti-tick immunoaffinity column) techniques for the presence of antigens responsible for the induction of host immune resistance res...

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  • Ancylostoma caninum: calibration and comparison of diagnostic accuracy of flotation in tube, McMaster and FLOTAC in faecal samples of dogs.

    abstract::We performed a calibration of flotation in tube, McMaster and FLOTAC to determine the optimal flotation solution (FS) and the influence of faecal preservation for the diagnosis of Ancylostoma caninum in dogs, and compared the accuracy of the three copromicroscopic techniques. Among nine different FS, sodium chloride a...

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  • Antigenic variation in Giardia lamblia.

    abstract::Giardia lamblia undergo surface antigenic variation in vitro and in vivo. The presence of variant trophozoites can be detected in clones after exposure to cytotoxic monoclonal antibodies. Surviving Giardia (progeny) no longer possess the initial major surface antigen which is replaced by new antigens. Exposure of a cl...

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  • Aedes aegypti: model for blood finding strategy and prediction of parasite manipulation.

    abstract::Aedes aegypti mosquitoes salivate during intradermal probing of vertebrate prey before ingesting blood (Griffiths and Gordon 1952). Nonsalivating mosquitoes locate blood more slowly; this difference was ascribed to an anti-platelet activity found in the mosquito's saliva (Ribeiro et al. 1984). Mosquitoes infected with...

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  • Toxicity effect of the acaricide fipronil in semi-engorged females of the tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Latreille, 1806) (Acari: Ixodidae): preliminary determination of the minimum lethal concentration and LC(50).

    abstract::Chemical acaricides, especially fipronil (active ingredient of Frontline®), are still the most effective method to control tick populations. In this study, the effectiveness of fipronil was assessed in semi-engorged females of the tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus. A protocol for an in vitro bioassay (AIT) was developed, ...

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  • Prodigiosin is not a determinant factor in lysis of Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis after interaction with Serratia marcescens D-mannose sensitive fimbriae.

    abstract::In this paper, the lytic activity of two variants of Serratia marcescens against promastigotes of Leishmania braziliensis was studied. In vitro assays showed that S. marcescens variant SM365 lyses L. braziliensis promastigotes, while the variant DB11 did not. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) revealed that S. marcesc...

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  • Toxoplasma gondii: over-expression of lactate dehydrogenase enhances differentiation under alkaline conditions.

    abstract::Toxoplasma gondii, an intracellular parasite, has two distinctive growth stages, namely rapidly growing tachyzoites and slowly growing bradyzoites. Here we report a unique physiological function of the last committed glycolytic enzyme of T. gondii, lactate dehydrogenase (TgLDH), which is present in two isoforms and ex...

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  • Duplex qPCR for Leishmania species identification using lesion imprint on filter paper.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:American cutaneous leishmaniasis (ACL) is caused by different Leishmania parasites, which stimulate and direct the immune response against the infection. OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the TaqMan probe technology applicability to diagnose and identifying of Leishmania spp. related to the ACL etiology. METHODOLOGY:T...

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  • Novel mutations in the antifolate drug resistance marker genes among Plasmodium vivax isolates exhibiting severe manifestations.

    abstract::Plasmodium vivax is the predominant species of the human malaria parasite present in the Indian subcontinent. There have been recent reports on Chloroquine (CQ) resistance and severe manifestations shown by P. vivax from different regions of the world including India. This study focuses on Bikaner, India where during ...

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  • Real-time PCR to assess the Leishmania load in Lutzomyia longipalpis sand flies: screening of target genes and assessment of quantitative methods.

    abstract::Visceral Leishmaniasis is an endemic disease in Brazil caused by Leishmania infantum chagasi and its main vector species is the sand fly Lutzomyia longipalpis. Epidemiological studies have used conventional PCR techniques to measure the rate of infection of sand flies collected in the field. However, real-time PCR can...

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  • Complete mitochondrial genomes of Dermacentor silvarum and comparative analyses with another hard tick Dermacentor nitens.

    abstract::Ticks are obligate blood-sucking ectoparasites of a wide range of vertebrates. They can transmit a range of pathogens that cause economic losses to livestock production as well as human disease. In the present study, the complete mitochondrial (mt) genome of Dermacentor silvarum was determined. The mt genome is 14,945...

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  • Leishmania chagasi: a tetracycline-inducible cell line driven by T7 RNA polymerase.

    abstract::Trypanosomatid protozoa lack consensus promoters for RNA polymerase (RNAP) II. However, the artificial insertion of the T7 promoter (P(T7)) and the tetracycline repressor into Trypanosoma brucei cell lines expressing T7RNAP allows P(T7)-driven gene expression to be tetracycline-inducible. These cell lines provide a mo...

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  • Tick saliva regulates migration, phagocytosis, and gene expression in the macrophage-like cell line, IC-21.

    abstract::We studied the effects of tick saliva on cell migration, cell signaling, phagocytosis, and gene expression in the murine macrophage cell line, IC-21. Saliva increased both basal- and platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-stimulated migration in IC-21 cells. However, saliva did not affect PDGF-stimulated extracellular ...

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  • Impaired clearance of primary but not secondary Brugia infections in IL-5 deficient mice.

    abstract::Eosinophilia in blood and tissues has been strongly associated with helminth infections for over a century. In vivo depletion of IL-5, a cytokine crucially involved in eosinophilopoiesis with an antibody or through genetic manipulation, reproducibly abrogates helminth-induced eosinophilia, but renders mice permissive ...

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    authors: Ramalingam T,Ganley-Leal L,Porte P,Rajan TV

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  • Plasmodium vinckei: optimization of desferrioxamine B delivery in the treatment of murine malaria.

    abstract::Optimization of desferrioxamine B (DFO) delivery for the treatment of malaria was studied in Plasmodium vinckei infected mice. DFO was administered by three different treatment regimens: (1) multiple subcutaneous injections of free DFO, (2) intraperitoneal infusion of free DFO, or (3) multiple subcutaneous injections ...

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  • Giardia lamblia: interleukin 6 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha release from mast cells induced through an Ig-independent pathway.

    abstract::Giardia lamblia is a common cause of both acute and chronic diarrheal disease in humans worldwide. It has been shown that mast cells, IL-6 and TNF-alpha are substantially involved in the early control of G. lamblia infection in mice. However, no studies have yet been reported concerning the interaction between mast ce...

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    authors: Muñoz-Cruz S,Gómez-García A,Millán-Ibarra J,Giono-Cerezo S,Yépez-Mulia L

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  • Paragonimus ohirai: identification of nucleolar organizer regions (NORs) and silver nitrate staining pattern in spermatogenesis.

    abstract::The identification of nucleolus organizer regions (NORs) and the qualitative description of silver nitrate staining patterns in spermatogenesis of Paragonimus ohirai are herein reported. The NORs of P. ohirai are located on the short arm of chromosome 4 and are associated with a large amount of constitutive heterochro...

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    authors: Hirai H

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  • Leishmania braziliensis: cell surface differences in promastigotes of pathogenic and nonpathogenic strains.

    abstract::A comparative study of cell surface characteristics of pathogenic and nonpathogenic promastigotes of Leishmania braziliensis, NR and LBY strains, respectively, was carried out by means of concanavalin A agglutination and labeling with concanavalin A-fluorescein isothiocyanate, concanavalin A-ferritin, and cationized f...

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