Systematic overview of cost-effectiveness thresholds in ten countries across four continents.


AIM:To provide an overview of thresholds for incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICERs) representing willingness-to-pay (WTP) across multiple countries and insights into exemptions pertaining to the ICER (e.g., cancer). To compare ICER thresholds to individual country's estimated ability-to-pay. MATERIALS & METHODS:We included AHRQ/USA, BIQG-GOEG/Austria, CADTH/Canada, DAHTA@DIMDI/Germany, DECIT-CGATS/Brazil, HAS/France, HITAP/Thailand, IQWiG/Germany, LBI-HTA/Austria, MSAC/Australia, NICE/England/Wales and SBU/Sweden. ICER thresholds were derived from systematic literature/website search/expert surveys. WTP was compared with ATP using Spearman's rank correlation. RESULTS:Two general and explicitly acknowledged thresholds (England/Wales, Thailand), implicit thresholds in six countries and different ICER thresholds/decision-making rules in oncology were identified. Correlation between WTP and ability-to-pay was moderate. DISCUSSION:Our overview supports country-specific discussions on WTP and on how to define value(s) within societies.


J Comp Eff Res


Schwarzer R,Rochau U,Saverno K,Jahn B,Bornschein B,Muehlberger N,Flatscher-Thoeni M,Schnell-Inderst P,Sroczynski G,Lackner M,Schall I,Hebborn A,Pugner K,Fehervary A,Brixner D,Siebert U




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    abstract::Patients with acute coronary syndromes and severe multivessel or left main coronary artery disease have better outcomes when prompt revascularization is performed in addition to optimal medical therapy (OMT). However, in patients with stable ischemic heart disease, randomized strategy trials have revealed equipoise be...

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    abstract:AIM:Current stroke severity scales cannot be used for archival data. We develop and validate a measure of stroke severity at hospital discharge (Stroke Administrative Severity Index [SASI]) for use in billing data. METHODS:We used the NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) as the theoretical framework and identified 285 relevant In...

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