Downregulation of survivin expression and enhanced chemosensitivity of MCF-7 cells to adriamycin by PDMAE/survivin shRNA complex nanoparticles.


:Gene silencing mediated by RNA interference (RNAi) presents a promising strategy for gene therapy. The aim of this work is to evaluate a new gene delivery system for downregulation of survivin expression and enhanced chemosensitivity of MCF-7 cells to adriamycin (ADR). A new cationic poly(2-dimethylaminoethylamine/2-(2-aminoethyoxy)ethoxy)phosphazene (PDMAE) with multiple amino groups was synthesized through Michael addition for survivin shRNA (shSur) delivery in MCF-7 cells. PDMAE51/shSur complex nanoparticles with the size of 190nm and zeta potential of +15mV achieved maximal suppression of survivin, even superior to PEI25K or poly(2-(2-aminoethyoxy)ethoxy)phosphazene (PAEP) based complex nanoparticles. The significant downregulation of survivin expression was achieved by PDMAE51/shSur nanoparticles. The nuclear localization by confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) and apparent apoptosis peak of cell cycle in MCF-7 cells were observed when transfected by PDMAE51/shSur nanoparticles The combined use of PDMAE51/shSur and ADR enhanced the sensitivity of MCF-7 cells to ADR at a larger extent than that of PEI or PAEP based complex nanoparticles. These results suggested that PDMAE51 could be potential as an efficient and safe gene carrier in RNAi therapeutics and tumor chemotherapy.


Int J Pharm


Yang Y,Gao Y,Chen L,Huang Y,Li Y




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2011-02-28 00:00:00














  • Chitosan oligosaccharide enhances binding of nanostructured lipid carriers to ocular mucins: Effect on ocular disposition.

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  • pH-sensitive and mucoadhesive thiolated Eudragit-coated chitosan microspheres.

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  • Highly stable polyglutamate derivatives/siRNA polyplex efficiently down-relegate survivin expression and augment the efficacy of cisplatin.

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  • Search for technological reasons to develop a capsule or a tablet formulation with respect to wettability and dissolution.

    abstract::Proquazone, a poorly wettable compound, was used as a model drug in the search for reasons to develop a capsule or tablet formulation. The capsules were filled with proquazone as active ingredient, with lactose monohydrate (200 mesh) as filler and with magnesium stearate as lubricant. The tablet was made out of a gran...

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  • Anticancer siRNA cocktails as a novel tool to treat cancer cells. Part (A). Mechanisms of interaction.

    abstract::This paper examines a perspective on the use of newly engineered nanomaterials as effective and safe carriers of genes for the therapy of cancer. Three different groups of cationic dendrimers (PAMAM, phosphorus and carbosilane) were complexed with anticancer siRNA and their biophysical properties of the dendriplexes a...

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    authors: Ionov M,Lazniewska J,Dzmitruk V,Halets I,Loznikova S,Novopashina D,Apartsin E,Krasheninina O,Venyaminova A,Milowska K,Nowacka O,Gomez-Ramirez R,de la Mata FJ,Majoral JP,Shcharbin D,Bryszewska M

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  • Downscaling of the tableting process: Feasibility of miniaturized forced feeders on a high-speed rotary tablet press.

    abstract::With the current transformation of the pharmaceutical industry towards continuous manufacturing, there is an inherent need to embrace this concept already during the early stages of drug formulation. Therefore, this research paper investigated the feasibility of using miniaturized forced feeders on a high-speed rotary...

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  • Formulation and cytotoxicity of doxorubicin nanoparticles carried by dry powder aerosol particles.

    abstract::Regional drug delivery via dry powder inhalers offers many advantages in the management of pharmaceutical compounds for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. In the present study, doxorubicin (DOX)-loaded nanoparticles were incorporated as colloidal drug delivery system into inhalable carrier particles...

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