The non-genomic effects on Na+/H+-exchange 1 by progesterone and 20alpha-hydroxyprogesterone in human T cells.


:Progesterone is an endogenous immunomodulator and can suppress T-cell activation during pregnancy. We have previously shown that the non-genomic effects of progesterone, especially acidification, are exerted via plasma membrane sites and suppress cellular genomic responses to mitogens. This study aimed to show that acidification is due to a non-genomic inhibition of Na(+)/H(+)-exchange 1 (NHE1) by progesterone and correlate this with immunosuppressive phytohemagglutinin (PHA)-induced T-cell proliferation. The presence of amiloride-sensitive NHE 1 was identified in T cells. The activity of NHE1 was inhibited by progesterone but not by 20alpha-hydroxyprogesterone (20alpha-OHP). Furthermore, 20alpha-OHP was able to compete with progesterone and release the inhibitory effect on the NHE1. The inhibition of NHE1 activity by progesterone-BSA demonstrated non-genomic action via plasma membrane sites. Finally, co-stimulation with PHA and progesterone or amiloride, (5-(N, N-dimethyl)-amiloride, DMA), inhibited PHA-induced T-cell proliferation, but this inhibition did not occur with 20alpha-OHP and PHA co-stimulation. However, when DMA was applied 72 h after PHA stimulation, it was able to suppress PHA-induced T-cell proliferation. This is the first study to show that progesterone causes a rapid non-genomic inhibition of plasma membrane NHE1 activity in T cells within minutes which is released by 20alpha-OHP. The inhibition of NHE1 leads to immunosuppressive T-cell proliferation and suggests that progesterone might exert a major rapid non-genomic suppressive effect on NHE1 activity at the maternal-fetal interface in vivo and that 20alpha-OHP may possibly be able to quickly release the suppression when T cells circulated away from the interface.


J Cell Physiol


Chien EJ,Liao CF,Chang CP,Pu HF,Lu LM,Shie MC,Hsieh DJ,Hsu MT




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2007-05-01 00:00:00












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