Increasing severity of haematuria with successive pregnancies in a woman with renal angiomyolipoma.


OBJECTIVE:To report a case of a 31-year-old woman with renal angiomyolipoma (RAML) who presented with progressive massive haematuria with successive pregnancies. CLINICAL PRESENTATION:A 28-year-old woman presented with mild haematuria in the third trimester of her second pregnancy. This was due to bleeding from a left RAML. Patient became pregnant for a third time. The RAML increased in size and patient bled more during the third trimester. After delivery she refused partial nephrectomy or renal embolisation. In the third trimester of the fourth pregnancy, she presented with massive haematuria, shock, severe anaemia (haemoglobin of 6gm/l) and required a total of 26 units of blood transfusion during a 4-week period. She required emergency Caesarian section at 36 weeks and simple nephrectomy 3 months postpartum. CONCLUSION:The risk of profuse haemorrhage from RAML may increase with successive pregnancies in women with RAML. This anomaly should be treated in between pregnancies by either angioembolisation or resectional surgery.


Int Urol Nephrol


Al-Ateeqi A,Ali RH,Kehinde EO,Mujaibel K,Al-Hunayan A,Al-Harmi J




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  • Cephalosporins periprostatic injection: are really effective on infections following prostate biopsy?

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  • Evaluation of perioperative prophylaxis with fosfomycin tromethamine in ureteroscopic stone removal: an investigator-driven prospective, multicenter, randomized, controlled study.

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  • Alprostadil protects type 2 diabetes mellitus patients treated with metformin from contrast-induced nephropathy.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients treated with metformin are predisposed to develop contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) after received emergency contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) examination. We evaluated the protective effects of alprostadil on CIN in T2DM patients treated with metformin after c...

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    abstract::Chronic renal failure is a risk factor for tuberculosis. In the past five years we have identified two cases of tuberculosis in our dialysis population. The first patient, showed chronic failure to thrive on hemodialysis. An enlarged cervical lymph node was biopsied and, although no acid fast bacilli (AFB) were seen, ...

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  • Serum cadmium levels are independently associated with endothelial function in hemodialysis patients.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Hemodialysis (HD) patients are at risk of deficiency of essential trace elements and excess of toxic trace elements. The aim of the study was to evaluate the relation between the serum levels of some trace elements and heavy metals (iron, zinc, manganese, copper, magnesium, cobalt, cadmium, and lead) and endo...

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  • Clinical characteristics and outcomes of HIV-seropositive men treated with surgery for prostate cancer.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The natural history and optimal management strategy for men with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and prostate cancer remain to be definitively characterized. This study was conducted to evaluate the clinical characteristics and outcomes of HIV-seropositive men treated with robotic-assisted radical laparoscop...

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  • Diagnostic value of urinary cyclic AMP measurement in patients with calcium nephrolithiasis.

    abstract::One hundred patients with recurrent calcium nephrolithiasis were submitted to the Pak test. At fasting state hypercalciuria was found in 27 cases, while a group of 16 further patients became hypercalciuric after oral calcium load. Only measurement of urinary cAMP excretion in both conditions made it possible to diagno...

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  • Usefulness of non-invasive diagnostic methods for early detection of neoplasms of the urinary tract and male genitals among workers of the Mazovian Refining and Petrochemical Plant in Płock.

    abstract::The studies were aimed at the evaluation of the usefulness of non-invasive diagnostic methods including inquiry, clinical examination, transabdominal ultrasonography, cytologic examination of the urinary sediment, determination of blood serum concentrations of certain neoplastic markers, and urinalysis for early detec...

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