High level of messenger RNA for BRMS1 in primary breast carcinomas is associated with poor prognosis.


:BRMS1 is regarded as a metastasis suppressor gene for its ability to reduce metastatic potential of human and murine breast cancer cells as well as human melanoma cells. However, BRMS1 association to human tumor progression is not clearly understood. In the present study we analyzed BRMS1 mRNA expression in tumor progression and its potential prognostic value for breast carcinoma. BRMS1 mRNA expression level was quantified by real-time PCR in 47 tumoral, in 14 peritumoral and in 15 metastatic microdissected cellular populations from 47 breast cancer patients with 10-year follow up. We found BRMS1 expression to be higher in carcinoma cells than in matching normal epithelial cell populations in 10 out of 14 cases (p = 0.0005), while lymph-nodal carcinoma cells showed lower BRMS1 expression in 9 out of 15 cases (p = 0.001). Using both in vivo (human mammary breast carcinomas) and in vitro systems (breast cancer cell lines) we were able to demonstrate that BRMS1 overexpression was not a bias effect induced by cell proliferation rate. BRMS1 expression levels did not correlate with standard breast cancer prognostic factors but BRMS1 higher expression was associated with patient shorter disease-free and overall survival. Our findings are apparently inconsistent with the concept of BRMS1 as a metastasis suppressor gene. One possible explanation is that epithelial cells increase their BRMS1 expression as a compensatory response to tumor formation or metastasis progression, which is elevated in proportion to tumor aggressiveness, whereas those cells of the primary tumor that cannot upregulate BRMS1 escape to form metastasis.


Int J Cancer


Lombardi G,Di Cristofano C,Capodanno A,Iorio MC,Aretini P,Isola P,Tancredi M,Collecchi P,Naccarato AG,Porta RP,Bevilacqua G,Caligo MA




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  • High-grade tumor-specific immunity induced by L1210 leukemia variants obtained from the culture of L1210 cells fused with Lesch-Nyhan fibroblasts.

    abstract::A highly immunogenic variant of the murine L1210 leukemia cell (L1210/LN-1) for generation of tumor immunity has been obtained from culture of L1210 cells originally fused with human Lesch-Nyhan fibroblasts. In L1210/LN-1 cells, no human chromosomes were identified and chromosomes M1 and No. 1 carried by the parent L1...

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  • Arsenic trioxide sensitizes CD95/Fas-induced apoptosis through ROS-mediated upregulation of CD95/Fas by NF-kappaB activation.

    abstract::CD95/Fas is a cell surface protein that belongs to the tumor necrosis factor receptor family. Signals through CD95/Fas are able to induce apoptosis in sensitive cells. Therefore, modalities to regulate the CD95/Fas expression level in tumor cells are called for. In the present study, we show that sublethal doses of ar...

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