Tumor induction in rats by feeding aminopyrine or oxytetracycline with nitrite.


:Sprague-Dawley rats were given combinations of aminopyrine or oxytetracycline and sodium nitrite in drinking water. Of 30 animals receiving 0.1% (1,000 ppm) of aminopyrine and sodium nitrite for 30 weeks, 29 died with hemangioendothelial sarcomas of the liver. The same tumor caused death in 26 of 30 animals that received 0.025% (250 ppm) of both aminopyrine and sodium nitrite for 50 weeks. No animals in a control group of the same size that received 0.1% aminopyrine for 30 weeks developed this tumor, although one-half of them were still alive 2 years after the experiment was begun. After feeding a comparable dose (0.1%) of oxytetracycline and sodium nitrite for 60 weeks, liver tumors were present in 4 of 30 rats (3 hepatocellular tumors and 1 cholangioma). Since aminopyrine has been widely used for medicinal purposes in the human population, it is possible that many people have been exposed to a potent carcinogen (dimethylnitrosamine) by its formation in vivo. It is not certain whether the result of feeding oxytetracycline and sodium nitrite indicates significant carcinogenicity of this combination.


Int J Cancer


Taylor HW,Lijinsky W




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1975-08-15 00:00:00












  • Combination of proteasome and class I HDAC inhibitors induces apoptosis of NPC cells through an HDAC6-independent ER stress-induced mechanism.

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  • Prediagnostic telomere length and risk of B-cell lymphoma-Results from the EPIC cohort study.

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  • Characterization and partial purification of human milk fat globule membrane antigens by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and immunoblotting using monoclonal antibodies.

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  • Seropositivity to human herpesvirus 8 in relation to sexual history and risk of sexually transmitted infections among women.

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  • Molecular basis and current strategies of therapeutic arginine depletion for cancer.

    abstract::Renewed interest in the use of therapeutic enzymes combined with an improved knowledge of cancer cell metabolism, has led to the translation of several arginine depletion strategies into early phase clinical trials. Arginine auxotrophic tumors are reliant on extracellular arginine, due to the downregulation of arginos...

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  • Comparison of mammographic densities and their determinants in women from Japan and Hawaii.

    abstract::Breast cancer incidence increases considerably in women who migrate from Japan to the United States. Based on the hypothesis that mammographic density in healthy mammograms reflects differences in breast cancer risk, we compared mammographic density in 3 groups of women at different levels of risk: Caucasian and Japan...

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  • cDNA and protein characterization of human MAGE-10.

    abstract::MAGE genes are frequently expressed in several types of human malignancy and code for antigens recognized by cytotoxic T lymphocytes. We have previously described a monoclonal antibody (MAb), named 6C1, that recognizes the MAGE-1 protein and cross-reacts with a 72-kDa protein present in lysates of melanoma cells such ...

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  • Withaferin A inhibits breast cancer invasion and metastasis at sub-cytotoxic doses by inducing vimentin disassembly and serine 56 phosphorylation.

    abstract::Withaferin A (WFA) is purified from the plant Withania somnifera and inhibits the vimentin cytoskeleton. Vimentin overexpression in cancer correlates with metastatic disease, induction of epithelial to mesenchymal transition and reduced patient survival. As vimentin functions in cell motility, we wanted to test the hy...

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  • Replication competent Semliki Forest virus prolongs survival in experimental lung cancer.

    abstract::We evaluated the therapeutic potential of the replication competent vector VA7-EGFP, which is based on the avirulent Semliki Forest virus (SFV) strain A7 (74) carrying the EGFP marker gene in an orthotopic lung cancer tumor model in nude mice. We have previously shown that this oncolytic vector destroys tumor cells ef...

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  • Association between anthropometry and lifestyle factors and risk of B-cell lymphoma: An exposome-wide analysis.

    abstract::To better understand the role of individual and lifestyle factors in human disease, an exposome-wide association study was performed to investigate within a single-study anthropometry measures and lifestyle factors previously associated with B-cell lymphoma (BCL). Within the European Prospective Investigation into Can...

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  • Identification of 20 genes aberrantly methylated in human breast cancers.

    abstract::Aberrant methylation of CpG islands (CGI) not only plays a role in gene silencing, but is also a potential cancer biomarker. To identify more CGI aberrantly methylated in human breast cancers, we carried out a genome-wide search for aberrant methylation, using methylation-sensitive-representational difference analysis...

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  • In vitro and in vivo detection of somatostatin receptors in human malignant lymphomas.

    abstract::A wide variety of primary and metastatic human neoplasms express somatostatin receptors (SS-Rs). We evaluated the SS-R status of malignant lymphomas that had been surgically removed from 31 patients by use of in vitro SS-R autoradiography with the SS analog 125I-[Tyr3]-octreotide as radioligand. Of 11 low-grade-malign...

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  • Cell-free 27 kDa heat shock protein (hsp27) and hsp27-cytochrome c complexes in the cervix of women with ovarian or endometrial cancer.

    abstract::Antibodies to the 27 kDa heat shock protein (hsp27) are present in some women with ovarian and endometrial cancers but not in women with nonmalignant conditions or healthy women. The appearance of these antibodies suggests that the corresponding protein (hsp27) may be present in an extracellular form in gynecologic ca...

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  • Endogenous sex hormones and the risk of prostate cancer: a prospective study.

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  • Breast cancer risk in mothers of multiple births.

    abstract::Data from an international case-control study of breast cancer that was conducted in the 1960s were used to examine whether multiple births affect the risk of breast cancer in the mother. Among 2821 parous breast-cancer patients, 88 had had one or more multiple births, whereas among 8882 controls 247 had had one or mo...

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  • Increased plasma DNA integrity index in head and neck cancer patients.

    abstract::Analysis of the length of circulating DNA in plasma has been reported as a marker for solid tumor detection. We assessed the sensitivity and specificity of increased plasma DNA length to identify patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) and monitor posttreatment disease status. Fifty-eight HNSCC pat...

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  • Biological response of multicellular EMT6 spheroids to exogenous lactate.

    abstract::The influence of elevated lactate concentrations, as found in tumor microregions, on cellular growth, viability, and metabolic state was studied employing the multicellular spheroid model. Spheroids of EMT6/Ro cells were cultured at 37 degrees C in 5% or 20% (v/v) oxygen, using stirred media with various concentration...

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  • Detection of occult tumour cells in lymph nodes of colorectal cancer patients using real-time quantitative RT-PCR for CEA and CK20 mRNAS.

    abstract::The purpose of our study was to develop specific, sensitive, objective assays for early detection of disseminated tumour cells in patients with colorectal cancer (CRC). Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and cytokeratin 20 (CK20) were chosen as markers because they are selectively expressed in epithelial cells with mainta...

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  • Chemoprevention of glandular stomach carcinogenesis through duodenogastric reflux in rats by a COX-2 inhibitor.

    abstract::Duodenogastric reflux (DGR) causes glandular stomach carcinogenesis in rats without carcinogens. We aimed to investigate how this carcinogenesis might be prevented by a selective COX-2 inhibitor, meloxicam. A series of 188 Fisher 344 rats underwent a surgical DGR procedure and were divided into 2 groups. One group was...

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  • Patterns of gastro-intestinal cancer in European migrants to Australia: the role of dietary change.

    abstract::Cancers of the stomach, pancreas, colon and rectum are increasingly regarded as being diet-influenced. Migrants to Australia from England, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Italy have come from countries with varied dietary backgrounds and gastrointestinal cancer risks. Age-standardized cancer death r...

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  • Plasma microRNA-based signatures to predict 3-year postoperative recurrence risk for stage II and III gastric cancer.

    abstract::Our aim was to identify plasma microRNA (miRNA)-based signatures to predict 3-year postoperative recurrence risk for patients with stage II and III gastric cancer (GC), so as to provide insights for individualized adjuvant therapy. Plasma miRNA expression was investigated in three phases, involving 407 patients recrui...

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  • Antagonistic modulation of gliomagenesis by Pax6 and Olig2 in PDGF-induced oligodendroglioma.

    abstract::Gliomas are aggressive tumors of the central nervous system originating from proliferating neural cells. Regulators of neural stem or progenitor cells biology may thus influence aspects of brain tumorigenesis, such as the maintenance of tumor-propagating potential. We investigated the role of Pax6, a neurogenic transc...

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  • Second primary cancers after anogenital, skin, oral, esophageal and rectal cancers: etiological links?

    abstract::The Swedish Family-Cancer Database was used to analyze second cancers after oral, esophageal, rectal, cervical, genital and skin (squamous cell carcinoma) cancers. A strong and consistent association of second cancers was observed at all these sites, in men and women. As a novel finding, an association of rectal cance...

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  • P-glycoprotein expression and schedule dependence of adriamycin cytotoxicity in human colon carcinoma cell lines.

    abstract::Four human colon cancer cell lines (SW620, LS 180, DLD-I, and HCT-15) and Adriamycin-resistant sub-lines with varying degrees of P-glycoprotein expression were studied to evaluate the reversibility of Adriamycin resistance in human colon cancer. Two groups of cell lines were studied. In the first, including a series o...

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  • Transcriptional repression of the human galactocerebrosidase gene in squamous cell carcinomas of the larynx.

    abstract::Alterations of gene expression in squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) cell lines derived from the larynx and keratinocytes derived from adjacent normal mucosa of the larynx have been studied using the mRNA differential display technique. Lane-to-lane comparison of reverse transcribed mRNA showed a strong repression of a 148...

    journal_title:International journal of cancer

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    authors: Görögh T,Rudert H,Lippert BM,Gottschlich S,Maune S,Heidorn K,Maass J,Hoffmann M,Meyer JE,Rathcke IO,Folz BJ,Hortobagyi T,Werner JA

    更新日期:1999-12-10 00:00:00

  • Non-random allelic losses at 3p, 11p and 13q during HPV-mediated immortalization and concomitant loss of terminal differentiation of human keratinocytes.

    abstract::To obtain a comprehensive overview of chromosomal alterations that may underlie human papillomavirus (HPV)-mediated immortalization, 4 foreskin keratinocyte cell lines generated by transfection with either HPV 16 (cell lines FK16A and FK16B) or HPV 18 (FK18A and FK18B) were subjected to chromosomal analysis using comp...

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  • A prospective study of the independent effects of parity and age at first birth on breast cancer incidence in England and Wales.

    abstract::The independent effects of parity and age at first birth on breast cancer incidence are investigated in a 1% sample of women aged 16 to 59 from the 1971 Census of England and Wales. Over the period 1971-81, 1,003 breast cancer cases occurred in the cohort of 113,263 women who were either married, widowed or divorced a...

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  • Serological survey and virus isolation of simian T-cell leukemia/T-lymphotropic virus type I (STLV-I) in non-human primates in their native countries.

    abstract::Infection with a simian retrovirus (STLV-I) closely related to human T-lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I) was investigated in non-human primates living in their native countries in Africa and Asia. Serum antibodies cross-reacting with HTLV-I antigens were detected in 85 of 567 non-human primates of 30 species. Seropos...

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