Allergy to jackfruit: a novel example of Bet v 1-related food allergy.


BACKGROUND:Jackfruit allergy has been reported just once. It is unknown whether this food allergy is caused by direct sensitization or cross-sensitization to pollen allergens. OBJECTIVE:Establish whether jackfruit allergy is linked to birchpollen allergy. METHODS:Two jackfruit allergic patients and five patients with birchpollen-related apple allergy were recruited. Sensitization to pollen and plant foods was assessed by skin prick test (SPT), radio-allergosorbent test (RAST) and immunoblot. RAST analysis was performed for Bet v 1 and Mal d 1. Cross-reactivity was evaluated by RAST and immunoblot-inhibition. Biological activity of immunoglobulin E (IgE) was measured by basophil histamine release. Allergy to jackfruit was evaluated by double-blind placebo-controlled food challenge (DBPCFC) or open challenge (OC). RESULTS:In both patients DBPCFC confirmed the reported jackfruit allergy. SPT was 41 and 27 mm2 and specific IgE to jackfruit was 5.9 and 0.8 IU/ml, respectively. Immunoblot analysis revealed IgE reactivity at Mr of approximately 17 kDa. The Bet v 1-related nature of this allergen in jackfruit was demonstrated by RAST and immunoblot inhibition. To assess whether jackfruit allergy might be common in patients with combined birchpollen-fruit allergy, five such patients underwent an OC with jackfruit. All five had OA-like symptoms. CONCLUSIONS:Jackfruit allergy can be added to the list of birchpollen-related food allergies. Increased consumption of this fruit will result in a rise in allergic reactions.






Bolhaar ST,Ree R,Bruijnzeel-Koomen CA,Knulst AC,Zuidmeer L





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2004-11-01 00:00:00
















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  • Is atopic disease a risk factor for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder? A systematic review.

    abstract::The increase in prevalence and burden of atopic diseases, i.e. eczema, rhinitis, and asthma over the past decades was paralleled by a worldwide increase in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnoses. We systematically reviewed epidemiologic studies investigating the relationship between atopic diseases ...


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  • Seasonal allergic rhinitis and depot injection of a corticosteroid. Evaluation of the efficacy of medication early and late in the season based on detailed symptom recording.

    abstract::It was the aim of this investigation to study the efficacy of a corticosteroid given as a depot injection in seasonal allergic rhinitis, the efficacy profile with regard to specific symptoms, and whether the injection is best given early in the season or later at the peak of the pollen count. An injection of 80 mg met...


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  • Mattresses as a winter refuge for house-dust mite populations.

    abstract::House-dust mites are a major source of allergens. Beds are often heavily infested. It is conceivable that, during the winter period in temperate climates, the ambient indoor air is too dry for their survival, but that mites can still survive in beds where the humidity is raised when the bed is occupied. To investigate...


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