Activity of the enzymes involved in the synthesis of exopolysaccharide precursors in an overproducing mutant ropy strain of Streptococcus thermophilus.


:The activities of some enzymes belonging to the Leloir pathway, phosphoglucomutase, UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase, UDP-galactose 4-epimerase and galactose 1-P uridyl transferase, were studied in a wild ropy, a non-ropy and an overproducing mutant ropy strain of Streptococcus thermophilus. These activities were assayed over successive culture transfers along with exocellular polysaccharide (EPS) production. The overproducing mutant ropy strain showed increments in polysaccharide production over successive culture transfers, as opposed to reductions in production by the wild ropy strain. The observed variations among strains in the enzyme activities that were analysed in relation to EPS production suggest their involvement in the synthesis of sugar-nucleotide EPS precursors.


FEMS Microbiol Lett


Escalante A,Villegas J,Wacher C,García-Garibay M,Farrés A





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2002-04-09 00:00:00














  • Association of attenuated mutants of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis with porcine peripheral blood leukocytes.

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  • Aberrant gene for E1 Tor hemolysin from Vibrio cholerae non-O1, N037.

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  • Isolation of insertion elements from gram-positive Brevibacterium, Corynebacterium and Rhodococcus strains using the Bacillus subtilis sacB gene as a positive selection marker.

    abstract::The sacB gene of Bacillus subtilis was successfully applied in various Arthrobacter, Brevibacterium, Corynebacterium and Rhodococcus strains for the isolation of transposable elements. Three different insertion sequence (IS) elements entrapped in sacB were isolated. The IS elements IS-Bl and IS-Cg isolated from Brevib...

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  • Siro(haem)amide in Allochromatium vinosum and relevance of DsrL and DsrN, a homolog of cobyrinic acid a,c-diamide synthase, for sulphur oxidation.

    abstract::In the purple sulphur bacterium Allochromatium vinosum, the prosthetic group of dissimilatory sulphite reductase (DsrAB) was identified as siroamide, an amidated form of the classical sirohaem. The genes dsrAB are the first two of a large cluster of genes necessary for the oxidation of sulphur globules stored intracel...

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  • Molecular characterization of the erythromycin resistance plasmid pPV142 from Staphylococcus simulans.

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  • ABC transporters in antibiotic-producing actinomycetes.

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  • Molecular cloning of a light-inducible gene (lipA) encoding a novel pilin from Arthrobacter photogonimos.

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  • Correlation between cell-associated mannose-sensitive hemagglutination by Vibrio parahaemolyticus and adherence to a human colonic cell line Caco-2.

    abstract::Cell-associated hemagglutination (cHA) activity with human erythrocytes was examined for 468 clinical and 71 environmental strains of Vibrio parahaemolyticus. Approximately 95% of the strains tested were cHA positive irrespective of source or Kanagawa phenomenon. 75% of clinical strains showed relatively strong mannos...

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  • Biotransformation of trinitrotoluene by Citrobacter sp. YC4 and evaluation of its cyto-toxicological effects.

    abstract::Trinitrotoluene (TNT) is an explosive chemical generally used for military, civil and industrial purposes. Therefore, TNT residue can be found in soil and ground water as an environmental pollutant. The environmental control of TNT pollution has become a critical issue because of its potential toxicity and carcinogeni...

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  • The Moraxella catarrhalis outer membrane protein CD contains two distinct domains specifying adherence to human lung cells.

    abstract::Most Moraxella catarrhalis isolates express a highly-conserved outer membrane protein of 453 residues designated OMPCD, which has been previously shown to mediate binding to A549 human lung cells. Here, it is reported that two distinct domains of the M. catarrhalis strain O35E OMPCD protein specify adherence. Truncate...

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    abstract::A number of enteric pathogens, including enteropathogenic (EPEC) and enterohemorrhagic (EHEC) Escherichia coli, Hafnia alvei, a strain of Citrobacter freundii, and rabbit EPEC strain RDEC-1 cause attaching-effacing (AE) lesions in the gut mucosa. These bacteria have a pathogenicity cassette (locus of enterocyte efface...

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  • Isolation and identification of nematode-antagonistic compounds from the fungus Aspergillus candidus.

    abstract::Culture medium from an isolate of the fungus Aspergillus candidus was extracted, fractionated and examined to discover compounds antagonistic to plant-parasitic nematodes that are important pathogens of agricultural crops. Column, thin layer and preparative chromatographies and spectral and elemental analyses, were us...

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  • Environmental pH affects transcriptional responses to cadmium toxicity in Escherichia coli K-12 (MG1655).

    abstract::It has been widely reported that pH mediates cadmium toxicity to bacteria. We used a tripartite approach to investigate mechanisms by which pH affects cadmium toxicity that included analyses of: (1) growth kinetics, (2) global gene expression, and (3) cadmium speciation. Cadmium extended the lag phase at pH 7, but not...

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  • Giardia lamblia -- a model organism for eukaryotic cell differentiation.

    abstract::Giardia lamblia is a binucleated, flagellated protozoan parasite that inhabits the upper small intestine of its vertebrate hosts. The entire life cycle, which can be completed in vitro, is simple with cycling between a vegetative trophozoite and a highly resistant cystic form. The parasite is one of the earliest diver...

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  • Flow cytometric analysis of prolonged stress-dependent heterogeneity in bacterial cells.

    abstract::When bacterial cells are subjected to stress, cellular and population characteristics can change significantly. Rapid acquisition of these properties of cells in their native physiological state is necessary in order to precisely interpret their survival modes. The multiparametric analytical capability of flow cytomet...

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  • Lactobacillus reuteri A9 and Lactobacillus mucosae A13 isolated from Chinese superlongevity people modulate lipid metabolism in a hypercholesterolemia rat model.

    abstract::While there is strong evidence showing that many food-borne probiotics regulate cholesterol metabolism, few studies have examined how probiotics of human origin affect cholesterol metabolism. Because people living in so-called 'longevity villages' are unlikely to have hypercholesterolemia, we hypothesized that probiot...

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  • Extracellular polymeric substances responsible for bacterial adhesion onto solid surface.

    abstract::The influence of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) on bacterial cell adhesion onto solid surfaces was investigated using 27 heterotrophic bacterial strains isolated from a wastewater treatment reactor. Cell adhesion onto glass beads was carried out by the packed-bed method and the results were discussed in term...

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