Effects of stress during pregnancy on maternal behavior in mice.


:The effects of stress experienced during pregnancy and raising stressed offspring on maternal behavior were investigated in Swiss-Webster mice. Dams were either stressed or not stressed during pregnancy, and raised either prenatally stressed or nonstressed cross-fostered pups. Maternal behaviors such as grooming, nursing, pup retrieval and maternal aggression were assessed during the first 4 days after birth. Nonstressed dams raising stressed pups and stressed dams raising nonstressed pups groomed and nursed their pups significantly less than did control dams (stressed dams raising stressed pups and nonstressed dams raising nonstressed pups). Nonstressed dams raising stressed pups were also the slowest to retrieve both the first and last pup in retrieval tests. Nonstressed dams raising nonstressed pups were significantly less aggressive than other dams. In contrast, stressed dams raising stressed pups exhibited high levels of nursing and grooming, retrieved their pups rapidly and were very aggressive towards an intruder. These results indicate that raising stressed pups, or experiencing stress during a pregnancy can have significant effects on maternal behaviors. Stressed dams raising stressed pups exhibit maternal care comparable to that of nonstressed dams raising nonstressed pups at least for nesting/nurturing behaviors, and show increased levels of aggression and pup retrieval.


Physiol Behav


Physiology & behavior


Meek LR,Dittel PL,Sheehan MC,Chan JY,Kjolhaug SR




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  • Extralimbic mediation of emotionality and social cohesiveness effects.

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    abstract::Whittow [18] has inquired whether any animal can limit insensible perspiration through the integument. Sandbathing by the Mongolian gerbil may be a behavioral mechanism to such effect. Ordinarily, Harderian exudates from the external nares of the nose are spread over the pelage by autogrooming and are removed by sandb...

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  • Fatty acid responses in taste cells from obesity-prone and -resistant rats.

    abstract::One of the transduction mechanisms for the chemoreception of fat has been proposed to involve the inhibition of delayed rectifying potassium (DRK) channels by polyunsaturated free fatty acids (PUFAs). In the present study we have compared the responsiveness of fungiform taste receptor cells (TRCs) to fatty acids in ob...

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  • Female mice seek refuge from castrated males, but not intact or vasectomized males, mitigating a socially-induced glucocorticoid response.

    abstract::Sexual conflict may be manifested during social interactions, shaping the costs of reproduction in sexually reproducing species. This conflict, and the physical necessity of intromission, can intensify the already costly nature of reproduction for female mammals. To identify and partition the costs that males inflict ...

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    abstract::Sheep and goats differ in diet selection, which may reflect different abilities to deal with the ingestion of plant secondary metabolites. Although saliva provides a basis for immediate oral information via sensory cues and also a mechanism for detoxification, our understanding of the role of saliva in the pre-gastric...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Antipsychotic (AP) drugs frequently induce weight gain. The present study aimed at exploring a potential association between antipsychotic-induced weight gain and delayed negative alliesthesia for sweet stimuli. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES:The study aimed at recruiting patients undergoing AP treatment, h...

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    abstract::We evaluated how two diets with different lipid levels (4% vs. 10%) influenced nutrient expenditure in juvenile walleye Stizostedion vitreum subjected to starvation, prolonged swimming, and predator presence. We also determined how exercise and predator presence influenced stress indicators such as blood plasma cortis...

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  • Pectin is not pectin: a randomized trial on the effect of different physicochemical properties of dietary fiber on appetite and energy intake.

    abstract::An increased intake of dietary fiber has been associated with reduced appetite and reduced energy intake. Research on the effects of seemingly identical classes of dietary fiber on appetite has, however, resulted in conflicting findings. The present study investigated the effects of different fiber properties, includi...

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  • Gastric compliance in bulimia nervosa.

    abstract::Bulimia nervosa (BN) is a psychiatric illness characterized by eating binges followed by inappropriate behavioral attempts to compensate for the binges, usually vomiting or laxative abuse. Patients with BN have disturbances in the development of satiety during a meal as well as disturbances in functions of the upper g...

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  • Ambulatory activity in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.

    abstract::This study was undertaken to investigate changes in ambulatory and drinking behavior, using the Gunma University-type special apparatus for continuous and direct measurement of ambulation and drinking in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats (STZ, 60 mg/kg). Ambulatory activity of diabetic rats was significantly less t...

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