Daily activity patterns of a nocturnal and a diurnal rodent in a seminatural environment.


:The entrainment of circadian rhythms by light-dark (LD) cycles has been extensively investigated in laboratory studies. In almost all of these studies, organisms have not been allowed to modulate their exposure to the LD cycle. In the present study, the rhythm of running-wheel activity was investigated in nocturnal (domestic mice) and diurnal (Nile grass rats) rodents provided with light-tight nest boxes and maintained under long and short photoperiods. Photoperiod length had a significant effect on the duration of the daily active phase (alpha), on the phase angle of entrainment (psi), and on diurnality or nocturnality in both species. The availability of a nest box had a modest effect only on the variability of activity onsets. Neither in the nocturnal nor in the diurnal species was there any evidence of entrainment by frequency demultiplication or of entrainment without photic stimulation at either dawn or dusk. These results indicate that at least in the species studied, the ability of rodents to modulate their exposure to the LD cycle does not have a major effect on photic entrainment.


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  • Changes in locomotor activity, core temperature, and heart rate in response to repeated cocaine administration.

    abstract::The effects of daily single injections of 20 mg/kg cocaine on locomotor activity, core temperature, and heart rate were determined by radiotelemetry. There was a progressive increase in locomotor activity over the 30-day treatment period. Cocaine-induced activity was 9-12-fold greater than that of saline-treated anima...

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  • Effect of naltrexone on food intake, hunger, and satiety in obese men.

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  • A history of adolescent binge drinking in humans is associated with impaired self-movement cue processing on manipulatory scale navigation tasks.

    abstract::A binge drinking pattern of alcohol consumption has been shown to have an impact on brain structures that continue to develop into late adolescence. These same brain structures have been implicated in processing self-movement cues. The current study applies an array of existing and novel kinematic analysis techniques ...

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  • Repeated gastric distension alters food intake and neuroendocrine profiles in rats.

    abstract::The consumption of a large food bolus leads to stomach distension. Gastric distension potently signals the termination of a meal by stimulating gastric mechanoreceptors and activating neuroendocrine circuitry. The ability to terminate a meal is altered in disorders such as bulimia nervosa (BN), binge-eating disorder (...

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  • Differences in intestinal microbial metabolites in laying hens with high and low levels of repetitive feather-pecking behavior.

    abstract::Feather pecking in laying hens is a serious behavioral problem and is often associated with feather eating. There is some evidence that ingested feathers affect gut function. The aim of the present study was to explore whether differences in intestinal microbial metabolites in laying hens with high and low levels of r...

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  • Food intake in the domestic fowl: effect of intrahepatic lipid and amino acid infusions.

    abstract::Five experiments were conducted to determine the effect of hepatic and jugular infusions of amino acid and lipid solutions on short-term food intake of cockerels. Neither jugular nor hepatic infusions of amino acids had any effect on food intake of Single-Comb White Leghorn (SCWL) cockerels. Lipid infusions had no eff...

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