Identification of six novel CFTR mutations in a sample of Italian cystic fibrosis patients.


:The spectrum of cystic fibrosis (CF) mutations has been determined in many populations of different ethnic and geographic origins. However, in the south of Europe, the commonest mutation, delta F508, accounts for only about 50% of CF chromosomes, while identification of most of the other mutant alleles has not been achieved. In an ongoing effort to identify these alleles, we have scanned the entire coding sequences of the CF gene using a GC clamp denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis assay in a sample of 57 chromosomes from patients of italian origin. We have identified six novel mutations (C276X, H139R, R117L, S42F, A1006E and 3121-2A---> T). Each has only been found once in this sample of CF patients.


Mol Cell Probes


Férec C,Novelli G,Verlingue C,Quéré I,Dallapiccola B,Audrézet MP,Mercier B




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1995-04-01 00:00:00












  • Use of RAPD for the detection of genetic variation in the human blood fluke, Schistosoma japonicum, from mainland China.

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  • Simultaneous detection of two cystic fibrosis alleles using dual-label time-resolved fluorometry.

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  • Alternate PCR assays for screening of JH1 mutation associated with embryonic death in Jersey cattle.

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  • Aptamers, the bivalent agents as probes and therapies for coronavirus infections: A systematic review.

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  • Label-free monitoring of DNA methyltransferase activity based on terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase using a thioflavin T probe.

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  • Development of a rapid recombinase polymerase amplification assay for detection of Brucella in blood samples.

    abstract::A rapid and sensitive recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA) assay, Bruce-RPA, was developed for detection of Brucella. The assay could detect as few as 3 copies of Brucella per reaction within 20 min. Bruce-RPA represents a candidate point-of-care diagnosis assay for human brucellosis. ...

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  • A novel technique for rapid automated genotyping of DNA polymorphisms in the mouse.

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  • Rapid diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy using tetra-primer ARMS PCR assay: simultaneous detection of SMN1 and SMN2 deletion.

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  • Detection and molecular typing of Campylobacter jejuni in fecal samples by polymerase chain reaction.

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  • Human papillomavirus type 33 DNA and E6-E7 transcripts in late passages of the UT-DEC-1 vaginal keratinocyte cell line.

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  • Detection and discrimination of B pertussis and B holmesii by real-time PCR targeting IS481 using a beacon probe and probe-target melting analysis.

    abstract::A beacon probe was designed to detect one of the two documented single nucleotide changes in IS481 target allele of Bordetella holmesii genome as compared to Bordetella pertussis. PCR amplified product targeting a region of IS481 in presence of the probe was subjected to a post-PCR hybridization and melting cycle. Hyb...

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  • High-throughput qualitative multiplex 5' nuclease assay using post-only PCR analysis.

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  • Identification of crucial regulatory relationships between long non-coding RNAs and protein-coding genes in lung squamous cell carcinoma.

    abstract:PURPOSE:This study aimed to analyze the relationships of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) and protein-coding genes in lung squamous cell carcinoma (LUSC). METHODS:RNA-seq data of LUSC deposited in the TCGA database were used to identify differentially expressed protein-coding genes (DECGs) and differentially expressed l...

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  • A simple method for diagnosing M. tuberculosis infection in clinical samples using PCR.

    abstract::Species identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis remains a cumbersome process. We have developed a simple method for treating clinical samples which permits direct polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of mycobacterial target DNA without organic extraction. Samples were boiled for 30 min in TE-Triton, then...

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  • Quantification of the detection of Pneumocystis carinii by DNA amplification.

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  • Up-regulated miR-374a-3p relieves lipopolysaccharides induced injury in CHON-001 cells via regulating Wingless-type MMTV integration site family member 5B.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Osteoarthritis (OA) is a frequent and incurable joint disease, inducing significant pain and seriously threatening to human health. It has been reported that microRNAs (miRNAs) play crucial roles on cancers and inflammatory diseases via cooperating with genes. However, the effect of miR-374a-3p/Wingless-type...

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  • Duplex Real-time PCR assay and SYBR green I melting curve analysis for molecular identification of HPV genotypes 16, 18, 31, 35, 51 and 66.

    abstract::Long-term infection with high-risk HPV genotypes is the leading cause of cervical cancer. In the present study a Duplex Real-time PCR assay was developed in order to identify HPV types 16, 18, 31, 35, 51 and 66 in three reactions, through SYBR green I melting curve analysis. The method utilizes type-specific primer se...

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  • Polymorphisms in the Human SNAIL (SNAI1) gene.

    abstract::The human SNAIL is an important developmental protein involved in the formation of mesoderm and neural crest. The protein contains three classic and one atypical zinc-finger motif. The SNAI1 gene is composed of three exons. We have identified three SNPs in non-coding regions, two in the 5'UTR and one in intron 1, whic...

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  • Class D and E tetracycline resistance determinants in gram-negative bacteria from catfish ponds.

    abstract::DNA probes were used to examine tetracycline-resistant Gram-negative bacteria (281 strains representing eight species) from catfish ponds. The isolates, which did not previously hybridize with the Tet A, B and C determinants, were examined for the presence of tetracycline-resistance Tet D and Tet E determinants. The d...

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  • Specific detection of common pathogens of acute bacterial meningitis using an internally controlled tetraplex-PCR assay.

    abstract::Accurate and timely diagnosis of acute bacterial meningitis is critical for antimicrobial treatment of patients. Although PCR-based methods have been widely used for the diagnosis of acute meningitis caused by bacterial pathogens, the main disadvantage of these methods is their high cost. This disadvantage has hampere...

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  • Detection of human cytomegalovirus in cervicovaginal cells by culture, in situ DNA hybridization and DNA amplification methods.

    abstract::The presence of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) was tested in 388 cervicovaginal cells specimens obtained from the same number of pregnant women. HCMV was detected in 5.41%, 11.6% and 13.9% of these specimens by conventional culture, in situ DNA hybridization and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods, respectively. The...

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  • Real-time PCR using SYBR Green for the detection of Shigella spp. in food and stool samples.

    abstract::Shigella spp are exquisitely fastidious Gram negative organisms that frequently get missed in the detection by traditional culture methods. For this reason, this work has adapted a classical PCR for detection of Shigella in food and stool specimens to real-time PCR using the SYBR Green format. This method follows a me...

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