Assessment of the analgesic effect of centhaquin in mouse tail flick and hot-plate tests.


BACKGROUND:Centhaquin is a centrally acting hypotensive drug like clonidine. Clonidine also produces analgesia and hypothermia in mice and potentiates morphine analgesia. Clonidine analgesia is blocked by idazoxan and naloxone while it is potentiated by BQ123 and sulfisoxazole. This study was conducted to determine the analgesic and hypothermic properties of centhaquin, and to assess whether it potentiates morphine analgesia. Yohimbine (α(2)-adrenergic antagonist), idazoxan (imidazoline/α(2)-adrenergic antagonist), naloxone (opioid antagonist), and BQ123 and sulfisoxazole (endothelin ET(A) antagonists) were used to study the involvement of these receptors in centhaquin analgesia and hypothermia. METHODS:Analgesic (tail flick and hot-plate tests) latencies and body temperatures were measured in male Swiss Webster mice treated with vehicle plus centhaquin, antagonists plus centhaquin or centhaquin plus morphine. RESULTS:Centhaquin produced dose-dependent analgesia which was partially blocked by yohimbine, idazoxan and naloxone. BQ123 and sulfisoxazole did not affect centhaquin analgesia. Morphine analgesia was not potentiated by centhaquin. Centhaquin produced mild hypothermia which was not blocked by yohimbine, idazoxan, naloxone, BQ123 or sulfisoxazole. CONCLUSIONS:This is the first report demonstrating the analgesic activity of centhaquin. The α(2)-adrenergic, imidazoline and opioid receptors are involved in mediating centhaquin analgesia. Endothelin ET(A) receptors do not play a role in centhaquin analgesia; centhaquin does not augment morphine analgesia.






Andurkar SV,Gulati A




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    abstract:UNLABELLED:We have reported that intermediate conductance Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channels (ImK) showed augmented expression in angiotensin II (AII) type 1 receptor-dependent manner in post-ischemic rat heart. ImK has tyrosine phosphorylation sequence in the C-terminus and motifs for NFkappaB and AP1 in the promoter. Whi...


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  • N-acetylcysteine: potential for AIDS therapy.

    abstract::The observations that people infected with HIV suffer not only from an inflammatory stress but also from depleted glutathione levels have led to a general hypothesis that these two are causally related, and that treatment of AIDS should include thiol-replenishment therapy. In particular, inflammatory stimulations are ...


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