Alterations in serum amino-acid profile in the progression of colorectal cancer: associations with systemic inflammation, tumour stage and patient survival.


BACKGROUND:Cancer cachexia is a complex wasting syndrome affecting patients with advanced cancer, with systemic inflammation as a key component in pathogenesis. Protein degradation and release of amino acids (AAs) in skeletal muscle are stimulated in cachexia. Here, we define factors contributing to serum AA levels in colorectal cancer (CRC). METHODS:Serum levels of nine AAs were characterised in 336 CRC patients and their relationships with 20 markers of systemic inflammatory reaction, clinicopathological features of cancers and patient survival were analysed. RESULTS:Low serum glutamine and histidine levels and high phenylalanine levels associated with indicators of systemic inflammation, including high modified Glasgow Prognostic Score, high blood neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio and high serum levels of CRP, IL-6 and IL-8. Low levels of serum glutamine, histidine, alanine and high glycine levels also associated with advanced cancer stage and with poor cancer-specific survival in univariate analysis. CONCLUSIONS:In CRC, serum AA levels are associated with systemic inflammation and disease stage. These findings may reflect muscle catabolism induced by systemic inflammation in CRC.


Br J Cancer


Sirniö P,Väyrynen JP,Klintrup K,Mäkelä J,Karhu T,Herzig KH,Minkkinen I,Mäkinen MJ,Karttunen TJ,Tuomisto A




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    abstract::Epidemiology has shown an association between exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields (EMF) and childhood leukaemia. The causal nature and biological basis of this association are however questionable. Studies with aneuploid cell lines raised the hypothesis that ELF EMF may act as a coleukaemo...

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  • Effects of Cremophor EL on distribution of Taxol to serum lipoproteins.

    abstract::The clinical formulation of the anti-tumour agent Taxol involves the use of a mixture of ethanol and Cremophor EL. Gel electrophoresis and density-gradient ultracentrifugation were used to detect effects of Taxol infusions on serum lipoproteins. Use of the Cremophor vehicle results in a decrease in the electrophoretic...

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