Role of western blot assay for the diagnosis of histoplasmosis in AIDS patients from a National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


BACKGROUND:Histoplasmosis is a frequent fungal infection in HIV/AIDS patients, with high morbimortality rates when diagnosis and treatment are delayed. Antibody detection, which is faster than the gold standard culture test, hastens the laboratory investigation. OBJECTIVES:To evaluate the role of WB for antibody detection in the diagnosis of histoplasmosis among HIV/AIDS patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS:Fifty patients with proven or probable histoplasmosis were included. Clinical, epidemiological and laboratory data were described in the same population after a review of their medical records. WB was performed using deglycosylated histoplasmin. RESULTS:About 82% of patients were adult males and the mean age was 39.3 years. CD4+ T lymphocyte count less than 150 cells/mm3 was observed in 62% patients. Antibodies against Histoplasma capsulatum M antigen were detected in 62% of patients, and against both M and H antigens in 28% of individuals. Sera from 10% of patients were nonreactive. Histoplasmosis was the first opportunistic infection in 38% of the cases. Disseminated and pulmonary histoplasmosis occurred in 84% and 16% of patients, respectively. The overall mortality was 16%. CONCLUSION:WB could be useful for the histoplasmosis diagnosis in HIV/AIDS patients because of its easefulness and good sensitivity in a population where antibody production is hampered.






Almeida MA,Damasceno LS,Pizzini CV,Muniz MM,Almeida-Paes R,Zancopé-Oliveira RM




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