Prospective quality initiative to maximize dysphagia screening reduces hospital-acquired pneumonia prevalence in patients with stroke.


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:Dysphagia can lead to pneumonia and subsequent death after acute stroke. However, no prospective study has demonstrated reduced pneumonia prevalence after implementation of a dysphagia screen. METHODS:We performed a single-center prospective interrupted time series trial of a quality initiative to improve dysphagia screening. Subjects included all patients with ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke admitted to our institution over 42 months with a 31-month (n=1686) preintervention and an 11-month (n=648) postintervention period. The intervention consisted of a dysphagia protocol with a nurse-administered bedside dysphagia screen and a reflexive rapid clinical swallow evaluation by a speech pathologist. RESULTS:The dysphagia initiative increased the percentage of patients with stroke screened from 39.3% to 74.2% (P<0.001). Furthermore, this initiative coincided with a drop in hospital-acquired pneumonia from 6.5% to 2.8% among patients with stroke (P<0.001). Patients admitted postinitiative had 57% lower odds of pneumonia, after controlling for multiple confounds (odds ratio=0.43; confidence interval, 0.255-0.711; P=0.0011). The best predictors of pneumonia were stroke type (P<0.0001), oral intake status (P<0.0001), dysphagia screening status (P=0.0037), and hospitalization before the beginning of the quality improvement initiative (P=0.0449). CONCLUSIONS:A quality improvement initiative using a nurse-administered bedside screen with rapid bedside swallow evaluation by a speech pathologist improves screening compliance and correlates with decreased prevalence of pneumonia among patients with stroke.






Titsworth WL,Abram J,Fullerton A,Hester J,Guin P,Waters MF,Mocco J




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  • Intra-arterial thrombolytic therapy for acute basilar occlusion: pro.

    abstract::Acute thromboembolic occlusion of the basilar artery accounts for 6% to 10% of large-vessel stroke in humans. Because of the brain region supplied by this artery, the case fatality rate is the highest for all ischemic stroke subtypes, ranging from 40% to 86%. Patients who undergo successful recanalization of the basil...


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