Genetic Variation in SLC8A1 Gene Involved in Blood Pressure Responses to Acute Salt Loading.


BACKGROUND:Salt sensitivity of blood pressure (SSBP) increases the risk of cardiovascular complications, and the heritability of SSBP is about 50% in Chinese population. However, studies identifying genes involved in BP responses to acute sodium loading and diuresis shrinkage are still limited. METHOD:A total of 342 essential hypertensives from Beijing were recruited in our study. A modified Sullivan's acute oral saline load and diuresis shrinkage test was conducted to each individual. Medical history and lifestyle risk factors were obtained by questionnaire. Generalized linear model was used to examine the associations of 29 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with SSBP and false discovery rate (FDR) was used to correct P values for multiple testing. RESULTS:In the process of acute sodium loading, after adjusting for age and 24-hour urinary sodium concentration, SNPs in CYP11B2, PRKG1, SLC8A1 genes were significantly associated with systolic BP (SBP) rising in the additive and recessive model; SNPs in CYP4A11, PRKG1, SLC8A1, and ADRB2 genes were significantly associated with diastolic BP (DBP) rising. In the process of diuresis shrinkage, SNPs of CLCNKA, eNOS, PRKG1 gene were associated with SBP and DBP decreasing. After FDR correction, rs434082 in SLC8A1 gene was still significantly associated with blood pressure rising during salt load. In the additive model, A allele increased DBP of 2.8 mm Hg (FDR_q = 0.029) and MAP of 3.1 mm Hg (FDR_q = 0.029) after adjusting for age and 24-hour urinary sodium concentration. CONCLUSION:SLC8A1 gene may contribute to BP change in the process of acute sodium loading in a Han Chinese population.


Am J Hypertens


Liu K,Liu Z,Qi H,Liu B,Wu J,Liu Y,Zhang J,Cao H,Yan Y,He Y,Zhang L




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