The neural bases of different levels of action understanding.


:Many have recently questioned whether all levels of actions understanding, from lower kinematic levels to the higher goal or intention levels of action understanding, are processed in the action observation network (a network of neurons that are active during action execution and observation). A recent study by Wurm and Lingnau (J Neurosci 35: 7727-7735, 2015) gave evidence to the contrary, by showing that higher levels of action understanding are processed in the lateral occipitotemporal cortex. An important next step is to differentiate between the role of the lateral occipitotemporal cortex in processing the visual form of an observed action and the goal of an observed action.


J Neurophysiol


Marneweck M,Vallence AM




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  • Human proprioceptive adaptations during states of height-induced fear and anxiety.

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  • A late phase of LTD in cultured cerebellar Purkinje cells requires persistent dynamin-mediated endocytosis.

    abstract::Long-term synaptic depression (LTD) of cerebellar parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapses is a form of use-dependent synaptic plasticity that may be studied in cell culture. One form of LTD is induced postsynaptically through an mGlu1/Ca influx/protein kinase Cα (PKCα) cascade, and its initial expression requires phosph...

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