Gene expression in Kinetoplastids.


:Kinetoplastid parasites adapt to different environments with wide-reaching control of gene expression, but transcription of nuclear protein-coding genes is polycistronic: there is no individual control of transcription initiation. Mature mRNAs are made by co-transcriptional trans splicing and polyadenylation, and competition between processing and nuclear degradation may contribute to regulation of mRNA levels. In the cytosol both the extent to which mRNAs are translated, and mRNA decay rates, vary enormously. I here highlight gaps in our knowledge: no measurements of transcription initiation or elongation rates; no measurements of how, precisely, mRNA processing and nuclear degradation control mRNA levels; and extremely limited understanding of the contributions of different translation initiation factors and RNA-binding proteins to mRNA fate.


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  • Hfq: the flexible RNA matchmaker.

    abstract::The RNA chaperone protein Hfq is critical to the function of small, base pairing RNAs in many bacteria. In the past few years, structures and modeling of wild type Hfq and assays of various mutants have documented that the homohexameric Hfq ring can contact RNA at four sites (proximal face, distal face, rim and C-term...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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  • HIV-host interactions: vital to the virus and key to its inhibition.

    abstract::Much progress has been made in recent years in the investigation of the interplay between HIV-1 and its host cells. Most of these interactions are complex and have not yet been fully unraveled. Nevertheless, current knowledge on the molecular interactions between HIV and host-cell factors has substantially broadened o...

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  • Through a glass opaquely: the biological significance of mating in Candida albicans.

    abstract::Most Candida albicans strains are heterozygous at the MTL (mating-type-like) locus, but mating occurs in hemi- or homozygous strains. The white-opaque switch process is repressed by the heterodimer of the MTLa1 and MTLalpha2 gene products, while mating genes are induced by a2 and alpha1. Mating occurs in opaque cells ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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  • Peptidoglycan plasticity in bacteria: emerging variability of the murein sacculus and their associated biological functions.

    abstract::The peptidoglycan (PG) sacculus once thought to be just a reinforcing, static and uniform structure, is fast becoming recognized as a dynamic cell constituent involved in every aspect of bacterial physiology. Recent advances showed that in addition to 'classical' tasks-as an essential element to define bacterial shape...

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  • Legionella quorum sensing and its role in pathogen-host interactions.

    abstract::Legionella pneumophila is a water-borne opportunistic pathogen causing a life-threatening pneumonia called 'Legionnaires' disease'. The Legionella quorum sensing (Lqs) system produces and responds to the α-hydroxyketone signaling molecule 3-hydroxypentadecane-4-one (Legionella autoinducer-1, LAI-1). The Lqs system con...

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  • Context matters - the complex interplay between resistome genotypes and resistance phenotypes.

    abstract::Application of metagenomic functional selections to study antibiotic resistance genes is revealing a highly diverse and complex network of genetic exchange between bacterial pathogens and environmental reservoirs, which likely contributes significantly to increasing resistance levels in pathogens. In some cases, clini...

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  • Modality of bacterial growth presents unique targets: how do we treat biofilm-mediated infections?

    abstract::It is well accepted that bacterial pathogens growing in a biofilm are recalcitrant to the action of most antibiotics and are resistant to the innate immune system. New treatment modalities are greatly warranted to effectively eradicate these infections. However, bacteria growing in a biofilm are metabolically unique i...

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    authors: Fey PD

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  • An evolutionary perspective on the broad antiviral specificity of MxA.

    abstract::Germ line encoded antiviral defenses in vertebrate cells tend to be either broadly acting factors that exploit general features of viral replication or effectors with strong pathogen preference by virtue of specific recognition of viral proteins. The Mx GTPases, however, are atypical since they have broad antiviral ac...

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  • Cell polarity, intercellular signalling and morphogenetic cell movements in Myxococcus xanthus.

    abstract::In Myxococcus xanthus morphogenetic cell movements constitute the basis for the formation of spreading vegetative colonies and fruiting bodies in starving cells. M. xanthus cells move by gliding and gliding motility depends on two polarly localized engines, type IV pili pull cells forward, and slime extruding nozzle-l...

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    authors: Søgaard-Andersen L

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  • Genome and transcriptome analyses of Leishmania spp.: opening Pandora's box.

    abstract::In the last 30 years, significant advances in genetic manipulation tools along with complete genome and transcriptome sequencing have advanced our understanding of the biology of Leishmania parasites and their interplay with the sand fly and mammalian hosts. High-throughput sequencing in association with CRISPR/Cas9 h...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Cruz AK,Freitas-Castro F

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  • Bacterial endosymbionts in animals.

    abstract::Molecular phylogenetic studies reveal that many endosymbioses between bacteria and invertebrate hosts result from ancient infections followed by strict vertical transmission within host lineages. Endosymbionts display a distinctive constellation of genetic properties including AT-biased base composition, accelerated s...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Moran NA,Baumann P

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  • Synthetic microbial communities.

    abstract::While natural microbial communities are composed of a mix of microbes with often unknown functions, the construction of synthetic microbial communities allows for the generation of defined systems with reduced complexity. Used in a top-down approach, synthetic communities serve as model systems to ask questions about ...

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  • Advances in understanding the genetic basis of antimalarial drug resistance.

    abstract::The acquisition of drug resistance by Plasmodium falciparum has severely curtailed global efforts to control malaria. Our ability to define resistance has been greatly enhanced by recent advances in Plasmodium genetics and genomics. Sequencing and microarray studies have identified thousands of polymorphisms in the P....

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    authors: Ekland EH,Fidock DA

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  • Genetic analyses of bacterial biofilm formation.

    abstract::Bacterial biofilms are generally described as surface-associated bacterial communities comprising exopolysaccharide-surrounded microcolonies. Interspersed between these microcolonies are water-filled channels that may serve as primitive circulatory systems. Over the past few years, much progress has been made in our u...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Pratt LA,Kolter R

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  • Players between the worlds: multifunctional DNA translocases.

    abstract::DNA translocases play important roles during the bacterial cell cycle and in cell differentiation. Escherichia coli cells contain a multifunctional translocase, FtsK, which is involved in cell division, late steps of chromosome segregation and dimer resolution. In Gram-positive bacteria, the latter two processes are a...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Kaimer C,Graumann PL

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  • Bacterial communities in industrial wastewater bioreactors.

    abstract::Wastewater bioreactors have been used to treat domestic and industrial waste for nearly a century. Development of molecular tools such as PCR and DNA microarrays have enabled identification and characterization of some of the microbes in these bioreactors; however, molecular characterization of the microbes is still i...

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    authors: Bramucci M,Nagarajan V

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  • How do we compare hundreds of bacterial genomes?

    abstract::The genomic revolution is fully upon us in 2006 and the pace of discovery is set to accelerate with the emergence of ultra-high-throughput sequencing technologies. Our complete genome collection of bacteria and archaea continues to grow in number and diversity, as genome sequencing is applied to an array of new proble...

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    authors: Field D,Wilson G,van der Gast C

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  • Microbial genomics for the improvement of natural product discovery.

    abstract::The quest for the discovery of novel natural products has entered a new chapter with the enormous wealth of genetic data that is now available. This information has been exploited by using whole-genome sequence mining to uncover cryptic pathways, or biosynthetic pathways for previously undetected metabolites. Alternat...

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    authors: Van Lanen SG,Shen B

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  • Evolution, dynamics and specialized functions of glycosomes in metabolism and development of trypanosomatids.

    abstract::Kinetoplastea such as trypanosomatid parasites contain specialized peroxisomes that uniquely contain enzymes of the glycolytic pathway and other parts of intermediary metabolism and hence are called glycosomes. Their specific enzyme content can vary strongly, quantitatively and qualitatively, between different species...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Szöör B,Haanstra JR,Gualdrón-López M,Michels PA

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  • Endosymbiotic theory for organelle origins.

    abstract::Endosymbiotic theory goes back over 100 years. It explains the similarity of chloroplasts and mitochondria to free-living prokaryotes by suggesting that the organelles arose from prokaryotes through (endo)symbiosis. Gene trees provide important evidence in favour of symbiotic theory at a coarse-grained level, but the ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Zimorski V,Ku C,Martin WF,Gould SB

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  • Flexible genomic islands as drivers of genome evolution.

    abstract::Natural prokaryotic populations are composed of multiple clonal lineages that are different in their core genomes in a range that varies typically between 95 and 100% nucleotide identity. Each clonal lineage also carries a complement of not shared flexible genes that can be very large. The compounded flexible genome p...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Rodriguez-Valera F,Martin-Cuadrado AB,López-Pérez M

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  • Heterocyst development in Anabaena.

    abstract::Many filamentous nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria protect nitrogenase from oxygen in differentiated cells called heterocysts. Heterocyst development is controlled by the availability of nitrogen compounds in the environment and by intrinsic factors that regulate the frequency and pattern of heterocysts along vegetative c...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Golden JW,Yoon HS

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  • The evolutionary pressures that have molded Mycobacterium tuberculosis into an infectious adjuvant.

    abstract::Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) is highly immunogenic and appears to have evolved to preserve its antigenicity. The retention of antigenicity is important to the maintenance of a robust immune response that contributes greatly to the late-stage tissue damage required for transmission and completion of the pathogen's ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Russell DG

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  • Bacteriophage endolysins--current state of research and applications.

    abstract::Endolysins are phage-encoded enzymes that break down bacterial peptidoglycan at the terminal stage of the phage reproduction cycle. Their action is tightly regulated by holins, by membrane arrest, and by conversion from their inactive to active state. Recent research has not only revealed the unexpected diversity of t...

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    authors: Loessner MJ

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  • Games of life and death: antibiotic resistance and production through the lens of evolutionary game theory.

    abstract::In this review, we demonstrate how game theory can be a useful first step in modeling and understanding interactions among bacteria that produce and resist antibiotics. We introduce the basic features of evolutionary game theory and explore model microbial systems that correspond to some classical games. Each game dis...

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    authors: Conlin PL,Chandler JR,Kerr B

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  • Biochemistry of type IV secretion.

    abstract::In the past year, our knowledge of type IV transporters of Gram-negative bacteria has further expanded. Advances include the discovery of additional members of this family of proteins, increased knowledge of the morphologies of type IV transporters, and a better understanding of the mechanisms by which macromolecules ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Burns DL

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  • Recent contributions of structure-based drug design to the development of antibacterial compounds.

    abstract::According to a Pew Research study published in February 2015, there are 37 antibacterial programs currently in clinical trials in the United States. Protein structure-based methods for guiding small molecule design were used in at least 34 of these programs. Typically, this occurred at an early stage (drug discovery a...

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    authors: Staker BL,Buchko GW,Myler PJ

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  • The machinery for flavivirus fusion with host cell membranes.

    abstract::A combination of structural, biochemical and functional studies with the flavivirus tick-borne encephalitis virus has revealed the characteristics of a new class of viral fusion protein, class II, that is unrelated to the class I viral fusion proteins for which influenza virus hemagglutinin is the prototype. New struc...

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    authors: Heinz FX,Allison SL

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  • Microbial diversity of hypersaline environments: a metagenomic approach.

    abstract::Recent studies based on metagenomics and other molecular techniques have permitted a detailed knowledge of the microbial diversity and metabolic activities of microorganisms in hypersaline environments. The current accepted model of community structure in hypersaline environments is that the square archaeon Haloquadra...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Ventosa A,de la Haba RR,Sánchez-Porro C,Papke RT

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  • Immune deficiency, immune silencing, and clonal exhaustion of T cell responses during viral infections.

    abstract::Analyses of the complex regulatory networks leading to T cell survival, death, and immune deficiency have been aided in the past year by the dramatic development of new technologies to identify T cells and assess T cell function. These new techniques have shown that functional inactivation and apoptotic elimination of...

    journal_title:Current opinion in microbiology

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    authors: Welsh RM,McNally JM

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