Application of a Best Practice Approach Using Resonant Mass Measurement for Biotherapeutic Product Characterization.


:Characterizing and quantifying subvisible particles in protein drug products is critical to ensuring product quality. A variety of analytical methods are used to detect and make meaningful measurements of subvisible particles. Resonant mass measurement (RMM) is a novel technology that characterizes the subvisible particle content of samples on a particle-by-particle basis. The technology presents great promise in the study of therapeutic protein products. As an emerging tool in the biopharmaceutical field, the best practices and limitations of RMM for protein products have not been well established. One key challenge of particle analysis is producing robust and reliable data, with high precision and accuracy, for particle characterization. In this study, we develop a set of possible best practices for RMM using a model protein system. We test the effects of these practices on the repeatability and reproducibility of particle measurements. Additionally, we present the data collected under a rigorously controlled set of operating conditions at 3 collaborating sites as well as a summary of the resulting optimal practices. In employing these practices, we successfully obtained improved relative standard deviation values and achieved high reproducibility and repeatability in both sizing and concentration measurement results over a broad range of sample volumes.


J Pharm Sci


Krueger AB,Hadley J,Cheney PP,Markova N,Carpenter JF,Fradkin AH




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  • Investigation of atypical dissolution behavior of an encapsulated amorphous solid dispersion.

    abstract::Poor dissolution performance is one of the challenges encountered in dosage form design of amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs). This study was aimed to investigate the effect of solid-liquid interactions of an encapsulated ASD on drug release. Drug release profiles of a molecularly interacting amorphous celecoxib solid...

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  • Solasodine stability under conditions of saponin hydrolysis.

    abstract::The extent of formation of solasodiene from solasodine upon treatment with hydrochloric acid under various conditions was determined. The diene formed was assayed by using the characteristic extinction at 236 nm. Diene formation was effected by the acid concentration and the boiling point of the solvent used. Optimal ...

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  • Water vapor absorption into amorphous sucrose-poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) and trehalose-poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) mixtures.

    abstract::Previous studies from this laboratory suggested that a solution model (Flory-Huggins equation) modified by a free volume model (Vrentas equation) could satisfactorily describe water absorption into an amorphous solid composed of a sugar or a polymer. This paper has extended the studies of single solutes to binary mixt...

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