The Inhibitory Effect of Protamine on Platelets is Attenuated by Heparin without Inducing Thrombocytopenia in Rodents.


:Protamine sulfate (PS) is a polycationic protein drug obtained from the sperm of fish, and is used to reverse the anticoagulant effect of unfractionated heparin (UFH). However, the interactions between PS, UFH, and platelets are still not clear. We measured the platelet numbers and collagen-induced aggregation, P-selectin, platelet factor 4, β-thromboglobulin, prostacyclin metabolite, D-dimers, activated partial thromboplastin time, prothrombin time, anti-factor Xa, fibrinogen, thrombus weight and megakaryocytopoiesis in blood collected from mice and rats in different time points.. All of the groups were treated intravenously with vehicle, UFH, PS, or UFH with PS. We found a short-term antiplatelet activity of PS in mice and rats, and long-term platelet-independent antithrombotic activity in rats with electrically-induced thrombosis. The antiplatelet and antithrombotic potential of PS may contribute to bleeding risk in PS-overdosed patients. The inhibitory effect of PS on the platelets was attenuated by UFH without inducing thrombocytopenia. Treatment with UFH and PS did not affect the formation, number, or activation of platelets, or the thrombosis development in rodents.


Mar Drugs


Marine drugs


Miklosz J,Kalaska B,Kaminski K,Rusak M,Szczubialka K,Nowakowska M,Pawlak D,Mogielnicki A




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  • Total Synthesis of Mycalisine B.

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  • Bioactive compounds from the Red Sea marine sponge Hyrtios species.

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  • Characterization of a Newly Isolated Marine Fungus Aspergillus dimorphicus for Optimized Production of the Anti-Tumor Agent Wentilactones.

    abstract::The potential anti-tumor agent wentilactones were produced by a newly isolated marine fungus Aspergillus dimorphicus. This fungus was derived from deep-sea sediment and identified by polyphasic approach, combining phenotypic, molecular, and extrolite profiles. However, wentilactone production was detected only under s...

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  • Brown Algae Padina sanctae-crucis Børgesen: A Potential Nutraceutical.

    abstract::Padina sanctae-crucis Børgesen is distributed worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas; belongs to the Dictyotaceae family, and has proven to be an exceptional source of biologically active compounds. Four compounds were isolated and identified, namely: dolastane diterpene new for the genus Padina; phaeophytin and h...

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  • Alkaloids from the mangrove-derived actinomycete Jishengella endophytica 161111.

    abstract::A new alkaloid, 2-(furan-2-yl)-6-(2S,3S,4-trihydroxybutyl)pyrazine (1), along with 12 known compounds, 2-(furan-2-yl)-5-(2S,3S,4-trihydroxybutyl)pyrazine (2), (S)-4-isobutyl-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]oxazine-6-carbaldehyde (3), (S)-4-isopropyl-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]oxazine-6-carbaldehyd...

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  • Extraction, Identification, Modification, and Antibacterial Activity of Histone from Immature Testis of Atlantic salmon.

    abstract::In the present study, histone from immature testis of Atlantic salmon was extracted and identified, and its antibacterial activity after enzymolysis was investigated. Histone extracted from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) testis using the acid extraction method was successfully identified by LC-MS/MS, and revealed signi...

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  • Anti-Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HepG2) Activities of Monoterpene Hydroxy Lactones Isolated from the Marine Microalga Tisochrysis Lutea.

    abstract::Tisochrysis lutea is a marine haptophyte rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (e.g., docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)) and carotenoids (e.g., fucoxanthin). Because of the nutraceutical applications of these compounds, this microalga is being used in aquaculture to feed oyster and shrimp larvae. In our earlier report,...

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  • Clinical trial: marine lipid suppositories as laxatives.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Cod-liver oil and other marine products containing polyunsaturated fatty acids have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects and may be useful in the treatment of various inflammatory and infectious diseases. We developed suppositories and ointment with 30% free fatty acid (FFA) extract from ...

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  • Drimane Sesquiterpene-Conjugated Amino Acids from a Marine Isolate of the Fungus Talaromyces minioluteus (Penicillium Minioluteum).

    abstract::Four new sesquiterpene lactones (3, 4, 6 and 7) and three known compounds, purpuride (1), berkedrimane B (2) and purpuride B (5), were isolated from the marine fungus, Talaromyces minioluteus (Penicillium minioluteum). New compounds were drimane sesquiterpenes conjugated with N-acetyl-l-valine, and their structures we...

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  • Cembranoids from a Chinese Collection of the Soft Coral Lobophytum crassum.

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  • Biotechnological Potential of Cold Adapted Pseudoalteromonas spp. Isolated from 'Deep Sea' Sponges.

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  • Molecular Targets of Active Anticancer Compounds Derived from Marine Sources.

    abstract::Over the past decades, a number of novel compounds, which are produced in the marine environment, have been found to exhibit the anticancer effects. This review focuses on molecular targets of marine-derived anticancer candidates in clinical and preclinical studies. They are kinases, transcription factors, histone dea...

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  • Cyanobacterial Metabolite Calothrixins: Recent Advances in Synthesis and Biological Evaluation.

    abstract::The marine environment is host to unparalleled biological and chemical diversity, making it an attractive resource for the discovery of new therapeutics for a plethora of diseases. Compounds that are extracted from cyanobacteria are of special interest due to their unique structural scaffolds and capacity to produce p...

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  • Nine New Triterpene Glycosides, Magnumosides A₁-A₄, B₁, B₂, C₁, C₂ and C₄, from the Vietnamese Sea Cucumber Neothyonidium (=Massinium) magnum: Structures and Activities against Tumor Cells Independently and in Synergy with Radioactive Irradiation.

    abstract::Nine new sulfated triterpene glycosides, magnumosides A₁ (1), A₂ (2), A₃ (3), A₄ (4), B₁ (5), B₂ (6), C₁ (7), C₂ (8) and C₄ (9) as well as a known colochiroside B₂ (10) have been isolated from the tropical Indo-West Pacific sea cucumber Neothynidium (=Massinium) magnum (Phyllophoridae, Dendrochirotida) collected in th...

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  • Two New Terpenoids from Talaromyces purpurogenus.

    abstract::A new sesquiterpenoid 9,10-diolhinokiic acid (1) and a new diterpenoid roussoellol C (2), together with 4 known compounds, were isolated from the extracts of laboratory cultures of marine-derived fungus Talaromyces purpurogenus. 9,10-diolhinokiic acid is the first thujopsene-type sesquiterpenoid containing a 9,10-diol...

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  • Fucus vesiculosus and Ascophyllum nodosum Ameliorate Liver Function by Reducing Diet-Induced Steatosis in Rats.

    abstract::The Asian coastal communities have used the brown seaweeds Fucus vesiculosus and Ascophyllum nodosum since ancient times. Recently, some in vitro and in vivo studies have demonstrated their abilities in reducing risk factors for metabolic syndrome. Here, we analyzed the protective effect of a phytocomplex extracted fr...

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  • Antimicrobial and Anti-Proliferative Effects of Skin Mucus Derived from Dasyatis pastinaca (Linnaeus, 1758).

    abstract::Resistance to chemotherapy occurs in various diseases (i.e., cancer and infection), and for this reason, both are very difficult to treat. Therefore, novel antimicrobial and chemotherapic drugs are needed for effective antibiotic therapy. The aim of the present study was to assess the antimicrobial and anti-proliferat...

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    authors: Fuochi V,Li Volti G,Camiolo G,Tiralongo F,Giallongo C,Distefano A,Petronio Petronio G,Barbagallo I,Viola M,Furneri PM,Di Rosa M,Avola R,Tibullo D

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  • Antiviral activities of sulfated polysaccharides isolated from Sphaerococcus coronopifolius (Rhodophytha, Gigartinales) and Boergeseniella thuyoides (Rhodophyta, Ceramiales).

    abstract::Water-soluble sulfated polysaccharides isolated from two red algae Sphaerococcus coronopifolius (Gigartinales, Sphaerococcaceae) and Boergeseniella thuyoides (Ceramiales, Rhodomelaceae) collected on the coast of Morocco inhibited in vitro replication of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) at 12.5 μg/mL. In addition...

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    authors: Bouhlal R,Haslin C,Chermann JC,Colliec-Jouault S,Sinquin C,Simon G,Cerantola S,Riadi H,Bourgougnon N

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  • Vasorelaxation, induced by Dictyota pulchella (Dictyotaceae), a brown alga, is mediated via inhibition of calcium influx in rats.

    abstract::This study aimed to investigate the cardiovascular effects elicited by Dictyota pulchella, a brown alga, using in vivo and in vitro approaches. In normotensive conscious rats, CH(2)Cl(2)/MeOH Extract (CME, 5, 10, 20 and 40 mg/kg) from Dictyota pulchella produced dose-dependent hypotension (-4 ± 1; -8 ± 2; -53 ± 8 and ...

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    authors: Queiroz TM,Machado NT,Furtado FF,Oliveira-Filho AA,Alustau MC,Figueiredo CS,Miranda GE,Barbosa-Filho JM,Braga VA,Medeiros IA

    更新日期:2011-01-01 00:00:00

  • Butenolide Derivatives with α-Glucosidase Inhibitions from the Deep-Sea-Derived Fungus Aspergillus terreus YPGA10.

    abstract::Three new butenolide derivatives, namely aspernolides N-P (1-3), together with six known analogues (4-9), were isolated from the ethyl acetate (EtOAc) extract of the deep sea-derived fungus Aspergillus terreus YPGA10. The structures of compounds 1-3 were determined on the basis of comprehensive analyses of the nuclear...

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    authors: Cheng Z,Li Y,Liu W,Liu L,Liu J,Yuan W,Luo Z,Xu W,Li Q

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  • Ochracenoids A and B, guaiazulene-based analogues from gorgonian Anthogorgia ochracea collected from the South China Sea.

    abstract::Two new guaiazulene-based analogues, ochracenoids A (1) and B (2), along with four known analogues (3-6), were isolated from the gorgonian Anthogorgia ochracea collected from the South China Sea. The planar structures of the new compounds were elucidated by comprehensive spectroscopic data. The absolute configuration ...

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  • A Saponification Method for Chlorophyll Removal from Microalgae Biomass as Oil Feedstock.

    abstract::Microalgae oil is an optimal feedstock for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and biodiesel production, but its high levels of chlorophyll limit its large-scale application. To date, few effective approaches have been developed to remove chlorophyll from microalgae oil. The main purpose of this study was to present a prepr...

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  • Synthesis and Antiplasmodial Evaluation of Analogues Based on the Tricyclic Core of Thiaplakortones A-D.

    abstract::Six regioisomers associated with the tricyclic core of thiaplakortones A-D have been synthesized. Reaction of 1H-indole-4,7-dione and 1-tosyl-1H-indole-4,7-dione with 2-aminoethanesulfinic acid afforded a regioisomeric series, which was subsequently deprotected and oxidized to yield the tricyclic core scaffolds presen...

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  • Indole diterpenoids and isocoumarin from the fungus, Aspergillus flavus, isolated from the prawn, Penaeus vannamei.

    abstract::Two new indole-diterpenoids (1 and 2) and a new isocoumarin (3), along with the known β-aflatrem (4), paspalinine (5), leporin B (6), α-cyclopiazonic acid (7), iso-α-cyclopiazonic acid (8), ditryptophenaline (9), aflatoxin B1 (10), 7-O-acetylkojic acid (11) and kojic acid (12), were isolated from the fermentation brot...

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  • Borrelidins C-E: New Antibacterial Macrolides from a Saltern-Derived Halophilic Nocardiopsis sp.

    abstract::Chemical investigation of a halophilic actinomycete strain belonging to the genus Nocardiopsis inhabiting a hypersaline saltern led to the discovery of new 18-membered macrolides with nitrile functionality, borrelidins C-E (1-3), along with a previously reported borrelidin (4). The planar structures of borrelidins C-E...

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  • Towards commercial production of sponge medicines.

    abstract::Sponges can provide potential drugs against many major world-wide occurring diseases. Despite the high potential of sponge derived drugs no sustainable production method has been developed. Thus far it is not fully understood why, when, where and how these metabolites are produced in sponges. For the near future sea-b...

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