Combining the APES and Minimum-variance Beamformers for Adaptive Ultrasound Imaging.


:In recent years, adaptive minimum-variance (MV) beamforming has been successfully applied to medical ultrasound imaging, resulting in simultaneous improvement in imaging resolution and contrast. MV has high resolution and hence can provide accurate estimates of the target locations. However, the MV amplitude estimates are significantly biased downward, especially when occurring the errors in model parameters. The amplitude and phase estimation (APES) beamformer gives much more accurate amplitude estimates at the target locations, but at the cost of lower resolution. To reap the benefits of both MV and APES, we have proposed a modified APES (MAPES) beamformer by adding a parameter which controls the trade-off between spatial and amplitude resolutions. We have also proposed an adaptive beamformer which combines the MV and APES. The proposed beamformer first estimates the peak locations using the MV estimator and then refines the amplitude estimates at these locations using the MAPES estimator. By using simulated and experimental data-point targets as well as cyst phantoms-we show the efficacy of the proposed beamformers.


Ultrason Imaging


Ultrasonic imaging


Mohammadzadeh Asl B




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  • Phase-derivative imaging. II: Effects of beam diffraction and scatterer density.

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  • Experimental Validation of ARFI Surveillance of Subcutaneous Hemorrhage (ASSH) Using Calibrated Infusions in a Tissue-Mimicking Model and Dogs.

    abstract::Acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) Surveillance of Subcutaneous Hemorrhage (ASSH) has been previously demonstrated to differentiate bleeding phenotype and responses to therapy in dogs and humans, but to date, the method has lacked experimental validation. This work explores experimental validation of ASSH in a po...

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  • Toward Noninvasive Mapping of Diffuse Scattering in the Presence of Motion.

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  • Improved Fourier-transform-based parallel receive beam formation.

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  • Mean scatterer spacing estimation in normal and thermally coagulated ex vivo bovine liver.

    abstract::The liver has been hypothesized to have a unique arrangement of microvasculature that presents as an arrangement of quasiperiodic scatterers to an interrogating ultrasound pulse. The mean scatterer spacing (MSS) of these quasiperiodic scatterers has been proposed as a useful quantitative ultrasound biomarker for chara...

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  • Attenuation estimation with the zero-crossing technique: phantom studies.

    abstract::Global and local attenuation coefficient estimations were performed in a phantom using a pulse echo method based on the rate of decay of zero crossing density. Focussed and unfocussed 3.5 MHz transducers were used. It was found that good global estimates could be made with either transducer over a 2:1 range of attenua...

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  • GPU-accelerated Kernel Regression Reconstruction for Freehand 3D Ultrasound Imaging.

    abstract::Volume reconstruction method plays an important role in improving reconstructed volumetric image quality for freehand three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound imaging. By utilizing the capability of programmable graphics processing unit (GPU), we can achieve a real-time incremental volume reconstruction at a speed of 25-50 f...

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    abstract::Our group has proposed the concept of subharmonic aided pressure estimation (SHAPE) utilizing microbubble-based ultrasound contrast agent signals for the noninvasive estimation of hydrostatic blood pressures. An experimental system for in vitro SHAPE was constructed based on two single-element transducers assembled co...

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  • Effective scatterer diameter estimates for broad scatterer size distributions.

    abstract::Acoustic form factors have been used to model the frequency dependence of acoustic scattering in phantoms and tissues. This work demonstrates that a broad range of scatterer sizes, individually well represented by Faran theory or a Gaussian form factor, is not accurately described by a single effective scatterer from ...

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  • Ultrasound attenuation measurements of the liver in vivo using a commercial sector scanner.

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