Variance and covariance of accumulated displacement estimates.


:Tracking large deformations in tissue using ultrasound can enable the reconstruction of nonlinear elastic parameters, but poses a challenge to displacement estimation algorithms. Such large deformations have to be broken up into steps, each of which contributes an estimation error to the final accumulated displacement map. The work reported here measured the error variance for single-step and accumulated displacement estimates using one-dimensional numerical simulations of ultrasound echo signals, subjected to tissue strain and electronic noise. The covariance between accumulation steps was also computed. These simulations show that errors due to electronic noise are negatively correlated between steps, and therefore accumulate slowly, whereas errors due to tissue deformation are positively correlated and accumulate quickly. For reasonably low electronic noise levels, the error variance in the accumulated displacement estimates is remarkably constant as a function of step size, but increases with the length of the tracking kernel.


Ultrason Imaging


Ultrasonic imaging


Bayer M,Hall TJ




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  • The Maltese cross processor: speckle reduction for circular transducers.

    abstract::A new online signal processing technique is described to reduce speckle noise in ultrasound images. In the imaging system, a focused piston transducer is divided into thirty-two sectors. In the receive mode, parallel signal processing arranges the sectors into eight maltese crosses. The rf signals of the perpendicular...

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  • Ultrasound attenuation measurements of the liver in vivo using a commercial sector scanner.

    abstract::Attenuation measurements of various tissue mimicking phantoms and three different groups of patients were obtained using a modified commercial sector scanner. Estimates of attenuation were made using the spectral shift method with mean frequencies at different depths of a region of interest being obtained by both zero...

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    abstract::In medical ultrasound imaging, two-dimensional (2-D) array transducers are desirable to implement dynamic focusing and phase aberration correction in two dimensions as well as volumetric imaging. Unfortunately, the small size of a 2-D array element results in a small clamped capacitance and a large electrical impedanc...

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