The Current State of Doctors' Communication Skills in Mainland China from the Perspective of Doctors' Self-evaluation and Patients' Evaluation: A Cross-Sectional Study.


OBJECTIVE:To assess doctors' communication skills in mainland China using the SEGUE Framework. METHODS:A survey on doctors' communication skills with doctors (n = 1361) and patients (n = 1757) from 14 provinces in eastern, central and western China was conducted. RESULTS:The doctors' self-evaluation scores were higher than patients' evaluations (p < .001). The scores of female doctors were higher than males (p = .022). Both doctors' self-evaluations and patients' evaluations indicated that the scores of doctors in tertiary hospitals were higher than those in primary hospitals. CONCLUSION:Doctors' communication skills don't match patients' needs. Female doctors are more empathetic and patient than male doctors and consequently have better communication skills. Doctors in tertiary hospitals have better communication skills because tertiary hospitals provide more training opportunities in communication skills and have better medical services and management. PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS:This study confirms the applicability of the SEGUE Framework to doctors and patients in mainland China. The effectiveness of cultivating doctors' communication skills should be evaluated through feedback from the perspective of both doctors and patients. Medical institutes need to prioritize patients' needs and provide training in doctors' communication skills to address the discrepancy in the perceptions of doctors and patients.


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Guo A,Wang P




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