Management site and level of health care for cannabis- and synthetic cannabinoid-related poison control center cases involving older adults, 2016-2019.


:Increasing numbers of older adults use cannabis and cannabis-derived products that can have adverse effects. This study examined management site and level of healthcare services for older adult poison control center cases involving cannabis products. Using the American Association of Poison Control Centers' (PCC) National Poison Data System, 2016-2019, we extracted the 3109 cases aged 50+ for which cannabis was the only or primary substance. Multinomial logistic regression models were fit to examine associations between specific cannabis forms and management/care site (on site [mostly at home], at a healthcare facility [HCF], or no follow-up due to referral refusal or leaving against medical advice) and level of healthcare services for cases managed at a HCF. The results show that between 2016 and 2019, PCC cannabis cases involving older adults increased twofold, largely due to cases of cannabidiol, edibles, and concentrated extracts. Plant form and synthetic cannabinoid cases declined substantially. Compared to plant forms, synthetic cannabinoid cases had 4.22 (95% CI = 2.59-6.89) greater odds of being managed at, rather than outside, a HCF and 2.17 (1.42-3.31) greater odds of critical care unit admission. Although e-cigarette cases, compared to plant form cases, had lower odds of being managed at a HCF, HCF-managed e-cigarette cases had 3.43 greater odds (95% CI = 1.08-10.88) of critical care unit admission. Synthetic cannabinoid cases also had 1.86 (95% CI = 1.03-3.35) greater odds of no follow-up, and the presence of a secondary substance was also a significant factor. Stricter regulations for listing chemical ingredients and providing safety guidelines are needed for cannabis-derived products.


Drug Chem Toxicol


Choi NG,DiNitto DM,Marti CN,Baker SD




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    abstract::This study evaluated the tissue distribution of total radioactivity in male albino, male pigmented, and time-mated female albino rats after oral administration of a single dose of [¹⁴C]-bilastine (20 mg/kg). Although only 1 animal was analyzed at each time point, there were apparent differences in bilastine distributi...

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  • Acute mitochondrial toxicity of caffeine in cultured heart cells.

    abstract::The cytotoxic effect of caffeine on heart cells was evaluated in primary cultures of rat heart muscle (M) and endothelioid (E) cells. The cultures were exposed to 5, 10, or 20 mM caffeine for 6, 12, or 24 hours. As an index of cytotoxicity produced by the treatments, in situ changes in mitochondrial membrane fragility...

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  • Acid and alkaline phosphatase activities in a novel phosphorothionate (RPR-11) treated male and female rats. Evidence of dose and time-dependent response.

    abstract::The effect of a novel phosphorothionate, the methyl ester of 2-butenoic acid-3-diethoxy phosphinothioyl (RPR-II) was studied on membrane bound target enzymes Acid (AcP) and Alkaline (AkP) Phosphatases in different tissues of male and female albino Wistar rats. Three sub-chronic doses 0.014 (low), 0.028 (medium) and 0....

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  • Toxicity and transport of three synthesized mercury-thiol-complexes in isolated rabbit renal proximal tubule suspensions.

    abstract::Previous work has suggested that endogenous sulfhydryls, such as glutathione (GSH) and cysteine, are involved in the uptake and toxicity of HgCl2. To study this possibility, uptake and toxicity of synthesized Hg(SG)2, Hg(cysteinylglycine)2 [Hg(CYS-GLY)2] and Hg(CYS)2 were investigated in rabbit renal proximal tubule s...

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