Fructose-added glycerol (Glyceol) for therapy of elevated intracranial pressure: analysis of the side effects of long-term administration in a multi-institutional trial.


:The effects of long-term administration of fructose-added glycerol solution (Glyceol): 10% glycerol, 5% fructose, 0.9% sodium chloride; 600-2000 ml/d intravenously for 7-63 d) were evaluated in a multi-institutional trial involving 1346 cases. Improvement of the neurological signs and symptoms of elevated intracranial pressure was recognized by responsible physicians in close association with the administration of Glyceol (75.1%). The intracranial pressure measured directly also decreased in most cases following the administration of Glyceol (81.2%). No significant changes were observed in serum electrolytes and osmolarity at the end of the long-term administration. Unfavourable changes in clinical conditions which were considered very likely or suspected to be due to the long-term administration of Glyceol were recorded in 2 cases (0.1%) or 13 cases (1.0%), respectively. Most of these changes were abnormalities of serum electrolytes. It appeared, however, that the abnormalities of serum electrolytes may be readily correctable, and rarely induced if standard care of the serum water-electrolyte balance is carried out and unless too large doses are employed. Other changes appeared to be related more to preexistent complications and/or the administration of other drugs, rather than to the administration of Glyceol alone. Thus, administration of Glyceol appeared feasible for the therapy of elevated intracranial pressure over the long term.


Neurol Res


Neurological research


Tsubokawa T,Katayama Y,Ishii S




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1989-12-01 00:00:00












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    abstract::This study was designed to assess the effects of volume expansion with Fluosol-DA and hetastarch on local cerebral blood flow (CBF), cortical O2 availability (O2a) and computerized EEG power data during cerebral ischaemia in a primate stroke model. Focal cerebral ischaemia was produced in 20 anaesthetized Macaca monke...

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    abstract::The association between glucocerebrosidase (GBA) mutations and Parkinson's disease (PD) is attracting increased attention worldwide. Results from previous studies on the association of GBA mutations with PD in different ethnicities remain contradictory. In order to derive a more comprehensive understanding of the rela...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) cause a substantial burden to the patient, relatives, and the society as a whole. Much experience and knowledge during the last two decades have improved the neurosurgical treatment as well as the outcome. However, there is still much debate on what actually happens when exter...

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    abstract::Endovascular reconstruction of basilar artery (BA) apex aneurysms has been augmented by adjunctive techniques such as balloon and stent assistance. We present three cases of a wide-necked BA apex aneurysm involving the bilateral P1 segments of both posterior cerebral arteries (PCAs) treated by placement of BA to PCA s...

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