Highly specific inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by a novel 6-substituted acyclouridine derivative.


:A novel 6-substituted acyclouridine derivative, 1-[(2-hydroxy-ethoxy) methyl]-6-phenylthiothymine (HEPT), has proved to be a potent and selective inhibitor of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) in vitro. HEPT inhibits HIV-1 replication in various T4 cell cultures as well as peripheral blood lymphocytes and macrophages. The 50% antiviral effective concentration for HIV-1 (HTLV-IIIB) in MT-4 cells is 7.0 microM, while the 50% cytotoxic concentration for mock-infected MT-4 cells is 740 microM. Although HEPT is inhibitory to various strains of HIV-1, it has no effect on the replication of other retroviruses including HIV type 2. In contrast with the dideoxynucleoside (i.e. azidothymidine) 5'-triphosphates, the triphosphate of HEPT does not interact with HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. The mechanism of action of HEPT remains subject of further study.


Baba M,Tanaka H,De Clercq E,Pauwels R,Balzarini J,Schols D,Nakashima H,Perno CF,Walker RT,Miyasaka T




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  • Influence of divalent cations on the cytoskeletal dynamics of K562 cells determined by nano-scale bead tracking.

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  • The N-terminal cleavage site of PrPSc from BSE differs from that of PrPSc from scrapie.

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  • Deletion and transfection analysis of the p15/MTS2 gene in malignant gliomas.

    abstract::We have investigated the status of the MTS2 gene, encoding the cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor p15, in 32 glioblastomas. Semi-quantitative PCR identified 7 tumors in which the amplified material was 18.6% of controls and 7 in which was 48.0%, suggesting the occurrence of homozygous and hemizygous deletions, re...

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  • Characterization of the platelet-derived growth factor beta-receptor kinase activity by use of synthetic peptides.

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  • LncRNA snaR upregulates GRB2-associated binding protein 2 and promotes proliferation of ovarian carcinoma cells.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The functionality of lncRNA snaR has only been characterized in breast cancer and colon cancer. The aim of the current study is to explore the involvement of lncRNA snaR in ovarian carcinoma (OC). MATERIALS AND METHODS:Expression of lncRNA snaR and GRB2-associated binding protein 2 (GAB2) in plasma of both ...

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  • Visualization of antigenic proteins blotted onto nitrocellulose using the immuno-gold-staining (IGS) method.

    abstract::A new and simple method for the detection of antigenic proteins blotted onto nitrocellulose was developed. After transfer of spinach stromal proteins and purified phosphoribulokinase immunolabeling was performed with phosphoribulokinase antiserum, followed by a) Protein A-labeled colloidal gold particles, and b) by ho...

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  • Effects of hyperthyroidism on expression of a phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase/bovine growth hormone gene in transgenic mice.

    abstract::Thyroid hormone (T3) responsiveness of the PEPCK promoter in vivo was examined in both PEPCK/bGH(460) and PEPCK/bGH(335) mouse lines. Transgenic and non-transgenic littermates were treated with methimazole or PTU for 6 or 4 weeks, respectively, then treated +/- T3 for 10 days. In PEPCK/bGH(460) and PEPCK/bGH(355) tran...

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  • Baculovirus-mediated high level expression of a mammalian DNA methyltransferase.

    abstract::The murine C-5 cytosine DNA methyltransferase (MTase, E.C. containing a hexahistidine affinity leader peptide has been expressed at levels which are at least 50-fold higher than previously reported. The recombinant enzyme has activity levels similar to the wild-type enzyme. The recombinant polypeptide binds t...

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  • Moderate hearing loss associated with a novel KCNQ4 non-truncating mutation located near the N-terminus of the pore helix.

    abstract::Genetic mutation is one of the causative factors for idiopathic progressive hearing loss. A patient with late-onset, moderate, and high-frequency hearing loss was found to have a novel, heterozygous KCNQ4 mutation, c.806_808delCCT, which led to a p.Ser260del located between S5 and the pore helix (PH). Molecular modeli...

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  • Thyroid hormone binding protein contains glycosylation site binding protein activity.

    abstract::Several lines of evidence provided by other workers indicate that within the same species thyroid hormone binding protein, the beta-subunit of prolyl hydroxylase, and protein disulfide isomerase are the same protein. We sought to determine if glycosylation site binding protein, a lumenal protein of the endoplasmic ret...

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  • Is the idea of a fast block to polyspermy based on artifact?

    abstract::This purpose of this review is to look at the experimental evidence, both kinetic and electrophysiological, that led to the hypothesis of a fast electrical block to polyspermy in sea urchin eggs. The idea of a fast partial block, forwarded in the 1950's, that would reduce the receptivity of the egg surface by 1/20th f...

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  • Suppression of HPV E6 and E7 expression by BAF53 depletion in cervical cancer cells.

    abstract::Deregulation of the expression of human papillomavirus (HPV) oncogenes E6 and E7 plays a pivotal role in cervical carcinogenesis because the E6 and E7 proteins neutralize p53 and Rb tumor suppressor pathways, respectively. In approximately 90% of all cervical carcinomas, HPVs are found to be integrated into the host g...

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  • Interpretation of field potentials measured on a multi electrode array in pharmacological toxicity screening on primary and human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.

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    abstract::Human placental poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase was purified and the NH2-terminal amino acid sequences of 16 KDa and 40 KDa chymotryptic peptides were determined. Screening of a lambda gt11 cDNA library of normal human placenta with a 51-mer oligodeoxyribonucleotide yielded one clone with a 1.8 Kb insert and two clones wi...

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  • The 6H1 orphan receptor, claimed to be the p2y5 receptor, does not mediate nucleotide-promoted second messenger responses.

    abstract::An orphan G protein-coupled receptor, termed 6H1, with approximately 30% sequence identity to P2Y receptors has been proposed to be a P2Y receptor (p2y5) based solely on a radioligand binding assay with [35S]dATP alphaS [Webb et al. (1997) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 219:105-110]. Previous work in our laboratory ha...

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  • Sugarcane Elongin C is involved in infection by sugarcane mosaic disease pathogens.

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  • Variable allelic expression of imprinted genes in human pluripotent stem cells during differentiation into specialized cell types in vitro.

    abstract::Genomic imprinting is an epigenetic phenomenon by which a subset of genes is asymmetrically expressed in a parent-of-origin manner. However, little is known regarding the epigenetic behaviors of imprinted genes during human development. Here, we show dynamic epigenetic changes in imprinted genes in hESCs during in vit...

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  • Single-stranded DNA binding and methylation by EcoP1I DNA methyltransferase.

    abstract::EcoP1I methyltransferase (M.EcoP1I) belongs to the type III restriction-modification system encoded by prophage P1 that infects Escherichia coli. Binding of M.EcoP1I to double-stranded DNA and single-stranded DNA has been characterized. Binding to both single- and double-stranded DNA could be competed out by unlabeled...

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  • Quinolone antibiotics inhibit eucaryotic DNA polymerase alpha and beta, terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase but not DNA ligase.

    abstract::DNA polymerases alpha and beta, Terminal deoxynucleotidyl Transferase and DNA ligases from chicken thymus were purified to homogeneity. Quinolone antibiotics (nalidixic acid, oxolinic acid and pefloxacin ) known to inhibit DNA replication were tested for their effects on these enzymes. DNA ligase activity was not affe...

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  • Regulated expression of 5'-deleted mouse GLUT4 minigenes in transgenic mice: effects of exercise training and high-fat diet.

    abstract::Fourteen kb murine GLUT4 minigene (= -7395 GLUT4) contains DNA sequence that confers tissue specific, exercise-induced up-regulation of the GLUT4 gene in skeletal muscle and high-fat diet induced-down-regulation in white adipose tissue. To identify the DNA sequences required for regulated expression, we generated GLUT...

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  • Rapid purification of inositol monophosphate phosphatase from beef brain.

    abstract::A procedure is described for preparation of homogeneous inositol monophosphate phosphatase (EC from beef brain in less than 2 days with an overall recovery of 15-25%. This enzyme, an essential part of the inositol phospholipid cycle in brain, is a proposed site of action of lithium ions in manic-depressive d...

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  • Mechanistic insights into human pre-mRNA splicing of human ultra-short introns: potential unusual mechanism identifies G-rich introns.

    abstract::It is unknown how very short introns (<65 nt; termed 'ultra-short' introns) could be spliced in a massive spliceosome (>2.7 MDa) without steric hindrance. By screening an annotated human transcriptome database (H-InvDB), we identified three model ultra-short introns: the 56-nt intron in the HNRNPH1 (hnRNP H1) gene, th...

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  • Biochemical characterization of Drosophila melanogaster acetylcholinesterase expressed by recombinant baculoviruses.

    abstract::Recombinant baculoviruses expressing full length and 3' truncated forms of c-DNA encoding the Drosophila melanogaster acetylcholinesterase (AChE) were constructed. Biochemical analyses showed that full length recombinant protein was enzymatically active and anchored to the cell membrane via a glycolipidic residue. DTT...

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  • Abnormal methylation of PIK3AP1 was involved in regulating the immune inflammatory response of GES-1 cells induced by Helicobacter pylori.

    abstract::Gastric epithelial cells (GES-1) stimulated by Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) would affect the expression of related genes and induce the immune response of the cells. Abnormal methylation of DNA was one of the main causes. The aim of this study was to investigate phosphoinositol-3-kinase adaptor protein 1(PIK3AP1), ...

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    更新日期:2020-03-26 00:00:00

  • Cholesterol secoaldehyde induces apoptosis in J774 macrophages via mitochondrial pathway but not involving reactive oxygen species as mediators.

    abstract::Cholesterol secoaldehyde (3beta-hydroxy-5-oxo-5,6-secocholestan-6-al or ChSeco) is an oxysterol known to be formed in reactions of ozone with cholesterol and also when cholesterol-5alpha-hydroperoxide undergoes Hock cleavage. In view of its widespread occurrence and atherogenic potential, we examined the effects of Ch...

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    authors: Gao X,Raghavamenon AC,D'Auvergne O,Uppu RM

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  • Tensile forces attenuate estrogen-stimulated collagen synthesis in the ACL.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to examine whether mechanical tensile forces affect estrogen regulation of collagen synthesis of anterior cruciate ligament fibroblasts at the mRNA level. Estrogen was studied at three physiologic levels, 10(-11), 10(-10), and 10(-9)M. The results revealed that estrogen alone stimulated T...

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  • Thrombin and ionomycin can raise platelet cytosolic Ca2+ to micromolar levels by discharge of internal Ca2+ stores: studies using fura-2.

    abstract::In the presence of 1 mM EGTA, the addition of the calcium ionophore ionomycin to human platelets loaded with 30 microM fura-2 could elevate [Ca2+]i from less than 100 nM to a maximum of greater than 3 microM, presumably by discharge of Ca2+ from internal stores. Under the same conditions thrombin could maximally incre...

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  • Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 (GSK-3) influences epithelial barrier function by regulating occludin, claudin-1 and E-cadherin expression.

    abstract::The Apical Junctional Complex (AJC) encompassing the tight junction (TJ) and adherens junction (AJ) plays a pivotal role in regulating epithelial barrier function and epithelial cell proliferative processes through signaling events that remain poorly characterized. A potential regulator of AJC protein expression is Gl...

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