Taxol and related compounds in Korean native yews (Taxus cuspidata).


:The concentrations of taxol and related compounds in the bark and needles of Taxus cuspidata grown on Mt. Jiri, Mt. Sobaek, and Cheju Island, and T. cuspidata var. latifolia on Ullung Island in Korea were determined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The taxane content significantly varied with the location and plant part. The taxol content in the bark of native yews from Mt. Jiri and Mt. Sobaek was high when compared to that reported for Pacific yew (T. brevifolia), whereas bark from trees on Cheju and Ullung islands contained a much lower level. Surprisingly, the needles from Cheju and Ullung islands contained a much higher level of taxol (0.022% and 0.0173%, respectively) than those of intermountain locations (0.0058% to 0.0085%), on the basis of dry weight. The bark and needles of T. cuspidata var. latifolia on Ullung Island also contained relatively high concentrations of 10-deacetylbaccatin III, 0.0497% and 0.0545%, respectively, and indicated that environmental factors may affect the quantity. Taxol in the needles was confirmed by electrospray mass spectrometry. These results suggest that foliage from yew trees growing in their natural habitats on Cheju and Ullung islands may provide a renewable source for taxol.


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Choi MS,Kwak SS,Liu JR,Park YG,Lee MK,An NH




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