gamma-Endorphin and schizophrenia: amino acid composition of gamma-endorphin and nucleotide sequence of gamma-endorphin cDNA from pituitary glands of schizophrenic patients.


:The possibility has been mentioned that a change in the structure is responsible for the deviant behavioral activity of gamma-endorphin in extracts of postmortem brain and pituitary gland samples of schizophrenic patients. This paper describes the investigation of this possibility by means of: amino acid composition analysis of alpha- and gamma-endorphin isolated from a pituitary gland of a schizophrenic patient; and nucleotide sequence analysis of the gamma-endorphin coding region of pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) mRNA from two other pituitary glands, using the primer extension method. Both methods require no more than a single pituitary to obtain reliable results. alpha- and gamma-endorphin were isolated from an acid extract by gel filtration and two subsequent HPLC steps. In addition, the gamma-endorphin region of beta-endorphin was analyzed by enzymatic cleavage of beta-endorphin and isolation of the resulting fragment. Single-stranded gamma-endorphin cDNA was synthesized by reverse transcriptase using total cellular pituitary RNA and a 5' 32P-labeled oligodeoxyribonucleotide primer (20-mer) hybridizing close to the gamma-endorphin coding region of POMC mRNA. Single-stranded cDNA was digested with restriction enzyme HaeIII which generated a 148 nucleotides long radioactive cDNA fragment containing the gamma-endorphin cDNA sequence. The sequence of the 148 nucleotides fragment was determined. Neither the amino acid composition analysis nor the amino acid sequence derived from the cDNA nucleotide sequence revealed differences between schizophrenics and controls. Thus, no evidence was found for changes in the amino acid sequence of pituitary gamma-endorphin in these analyses, which include 3 cases of schizophrenia.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


Brain Res


Brain research


Bovenberg RA,Burbach JP,Wiegant VM,Veeneman GH,van Boom JH,Baas PD,Jansz HS,de Wied D




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