A meta-analytic examination of assumed properties of child sexual abuse using college samples.


:Many lay persons and professionals believe that child sexual abuse (CSA) causes intense harm, regardless of gender, pervasively in the general population. The authors examined this belief by reviewing 59 studies based on college samples. Meta-analyses revealed that students with CSA were, on average, slightly less well adjusted than controls. However, this poorer adjustment could not be attributed to CSA because family environment (FE) was consistently confounded with CSA, FE explained considerably more adjustment variance than CSA, and CSA-adjustment relations generally became nonsignificant when studies controlled for FE. Self-reported reactions to and effects from CSA indicated that negative effects were neither pervasive nor typically intense, and that men reacted much less negatively than women. The college data were completely consistent with data from national samples. Basic beliefs about CSA in the general population were not supported.


Psychol Bull


Psychological bulletin


Rind B,Tromovitch P,Bauserman R




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  • Sometimes pursuits don't pan out: anticipated destinations and other caveats: comment on Hom, Mitchell, Lee, and Griffeth (2012).

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  • Evolutionary origins of stigmatization: the functions of social exclusion.

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  • Psychological effects of severe burn injuries.

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  • Psychological science and the use of anatomically detailed dolls in child sexual-abuse assessments.

    abstract::Many devices are used in child assessment and treatment as communication aids, projective tools, and symbolic means of interaction. None are as hotly debated in their application among mental health professionals as dolls with genital details. Anatomically detailed (AD) dolls are often used in sexual-abuse evaluation ...

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  • The extraction and integration framework: a two-process account of statistical learning.

    abstract::The term statistical learning in infancy research originally referred to sensitivity to transitional probabilities. Subsequent research has demonstrated that statistical learning contributes to infant development in a wide array of domains. The range of statistical learning phenomena necessitates a broader view of the...

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  • Developmental reversals in false memory: a review of data and theory.

    abstract::Can susceptibility to false memory and suggestion increase dramatically with age? The authors review the theoretical and empirical literatures on this counterintuitive possibility. Until recently, the well-documented pattern was that susceptibility to memory distortion had been found to decline between early childhood...

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  • Distinguishing how from why the mind wanders: a process-occurrence framework for self-generated mental activity.

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  • Is body dissatisfaction changing across time? A cross-temporal meta-analysis.

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  • Age and reemployment success after job loss: An integrative model and meta-analysis.

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  • Ethnopsychologies: cultural variations in theories of mind.

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  • Cognitive neuroscience: origins and promise.

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    abstract::Although agreeing with R. Lickliter and H. Honeycutt (2003) that evolutionary psychology lacks and should adopt a coherent developmental model to explain how evolved mechanisms become expressed in phenotypes, it is argued that adhering to the principles of developmental systems theory, despite enhancing evolutionary p...

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  • Using mismatch negativity to study central auditory processing in developmental language and literacy impairments: where are we, and where should we be going?

    abstract::A popular theoretical account of developmental language and literacy disorders implicates poor auditory temporal processing in their etiology, but evidence from studies using behavioral measures has yielded inconsistent results. The mismatch negativity (MMN) component of the auditory event-related potential has been r...

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  • Meta-analysis of cognitive-behavioral treatments for generalized anxiety disorder: a comparison with pharmacotherapy.

    abstract::The efficacy of (cognitive) behavioral therapy ([C]BT) for generalized anxiety disorder was investigated and compared with the efficacy of pharmacological therapy using meta-analytic techniques. A total of 65 (C)BT studies and pharmacological studies were included. (C)BT was more effective than control conditions. The...

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  • A meta-analytic review of two modes of learning and the description-experience gap.

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  • Risk and protective factors for alcohol and other drug problems in adolescence and early adulthood: implications for substance abuse prevention.

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  • Rewards of kindness? A meta-analysis of the link between prosociality and well-being.

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  • The interpersonal theory of suicide: A systematic review and meta-analysis of a decade of cross-national research.

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  • Meta-analysis of P300 amplitude from males at risk for alcoholism.

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  • Dyadic interracial interactions: a meta-analysis.

    abstract::This meta-analysis examined over 40 years of research on interracial interactions by exploring 4 types of outcomes: explicit attitudes toward interaction partners, participants' self-reports of their own emotional state, nonverbal or observed behavior, and objective measures of performance. Data were collected from 10...

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  • Is low positive emotionality a specific risk factor for depression? A meta-analysis of longitudinal studies.

    abstract::Depression is well known to share a negative cross-sectional relationship with personality constructs defined by positive emotion (positive affect, extraversion, behavioral activation). These Positive Emotionality (PE) constructs have been proposed to represent stable temperamental risk factors for depression, not mer...

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