Seroprevalence, correlates and trends of Helicobacter pylori infection in the Israeli population.


:We examined the prevalence, correlates and trends of H. pylori infection in Israel using residual sera obtained in 2007-2008 from 1466 Jewish subjects aged 0-77 years and 897 Arabs aged 0-19 years, and in 2000-2001 from 627 Jewish and 575 Arab subjects aged 0-19 years. H. pylori IgG antibodies were measured by ELISA. The age-adjusted H. pylori seroprevalence was 45.2% in Jewish participants. Seropositivity increased with age, reaching 60% at age ≥ 50 years and ranged from 24.3% in subjects originating from North America/Western Europe/Australia, to 63.2% in those from Asia/Africa/South America. Among Arabs, H. pylori seroprevalence was 42.1% and reached 65% in adolescents. There was no significant change in seroprevalence between 2000-2001 and 2007-2008. High prevalence of H. pylori was found in Arabs, and in Jews originating from countries of high H. pylori endemicity. These findings are characteristic of countries of diverse ethnic structure and recent immigration.


Epidemiol Infect


Muhsen K,Cohen D,Spungin-Bialik A,Shohat T




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  • Estimating healthcare costs of acute gastroenteritis and human campylobacteriosis in Switzerland.

    abstract::Rising numbers of campylobacteriosis case notifications in Switzerland resulted in an increased attention to acute gastroenteritis (AG) in general. Patients with a laboratory-confirmed Campylobacter infection perceive their disease as severe and around 15% of these patients are hospitalized. This study aimed at estima...

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  • A highly transmissible tuberculosis outbreak: the importance of bars.

    abstract::The transmission of tuberculosis (TB) in bars is difficult to study. The objective was to describe a large TB outbreak in a company's bar and other leisure settings. A descriptive study of a TB outbreak was carried out. Contacts were studied in the index case's workplace bar (five circles of contacts) and other recrea...

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  • Elimination of mycoplasmas from the murine genital tract by hormone treatment.

    abstract::Twenty progesterone-treated TO mice were infected intravaginally with Mycoplasma pulmonis. One month later, ten of the mice were given oestradiol which changed the reproductive cycle to the oestrous phase and within a week resulted in eradication of the organisms from six of them; vaginal persistence in the other mice...

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