Tensile bond strength of sealants following Er:YAG laser etching compared to acid etching in permanent teeth.


:The aim of this in vitro study was to assess the effect of Er:YAG laser surface treatment on the tensile bond strength of a sealant in permanent teeth. A total of 30 sound third molars were selected and embedded in cold-cure acrylic resin. The enamel surfaces were flattened by a grinding. The teeth were randomly divided into three groups and pretreated as follows: (1) 37% phosphoric acid; (2) Er:YAG laser (1.5 ml/min water spray, 100 mJ energy output, 10 Hz frequency, focal distance 17 mm); (3) Er:YAG laser + 37% phosphoric acid. The treated surfaces were isolated by double adhesive Sellotape and after insertion of a split Teflon matrix at an isolated site, sealant was applied. The specimens were thermocycled and stored at 37°C in distilled water for 72 h, then subjected to a tensile bond strength test (50 kgf at 0.5 mm/min). The mean tensile bond strengths (± SD, in megapascals) were: 18.51 ± 5.68 in group 1, 8.06 ± 2.69 in group 2, and 17.33 ± 5.04 in group 3. Data were submitted to analysis of variance and the Tukey test. No significant difference were found between groups 1 (37% phosphoric acid) and group 3 (Er:YAG laser + 37% phosphoric acid) but treatment with the Er:YAG laser alone (group 2) resulted in significantly lower tensile bond strength than seen in the other groups. In this setting, the Er:YAG laser prepared the enamel surface for sealing but did not eliminate the need for acid etching before sealant application.


Lasers Med Sci


Shahabi S,Bagheri HG,Ramazani K




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  • Application of phototherapy for the healing of the navels of neonatal dairy calves.

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  • Characterization of dental caries by LIF spectroscopy with 404-nm excitation.

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  • Effect of phototherapy with light-emitting diodes (890 nm) on tendon repair: an experimental model in sheep.

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