Cytotoxicity and inhibition of DNA topoisomerase I of polyhydroxylated triterpenoids and triterpenoid glycosides.


:Cytotoxicity and inhibition on human DNA topoisomerase I (TOP1) and II (TOP2) of 74 plant-originated triterpenoids and triterpenoid glycosides were investigated. The cytotoxic compounds are primarily polyhydroxylated oleananes (GI(50) of A549: 1.0-10.19 microM). Sixteen cytotoxic aesculiosides isolated from Aesculus pavia inhibited TOP1 catalytic activity by interacting directly with the free enzyme and preventing the formation of the DNA-TOP1 complex. Interestingly, hydrolysis of six active aesculiosides (1, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 23) lost their TOP1 activities but enhanced their cytotoxicities. None of the test compounds showed any activity against TOP2. Structure-activity relationship (SAR) investigations indicated that cytotoxic oleananes required at least one angeloyl moiety at either C-21 or C-22 but the sugar moiety at C-3 may decrease their cytotoxicities. An angeloyl or tigeloyl group at C-21 is required for oleananes to bind the free TOP1 enzyme although the type and length of acyl moiety at C-22 also affects their activity. However, sugar moiety at C-3 is necessary for their TOP1 activities.


Bioorg Med Chem Lett


Wang P,Ownby S,Zhang Z,Yuan W,Li S




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  • Synthesis, SAR and pharmacology of CP-293,019: a potent, selective dopamine D4 receptor antagonist.

    abstract::A series of novel, potent and selective pyrido[1,2-a]pyrazine dopamine D4 receptor antagonists are reported including CP-293,019 (D4 Ki = 3.4 nM, D2 Ki > 3,310 nM), which also inhibits apomorphine-induced hyperlocomotion in rats after oral dosing. ...

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    abstract::The rational design, syntheses and evaluation of potent sulfonamidopyrrolidin-2-one-based factor Xa inhibitors incorporating aminoindane and phenylpyrrolidine P4 motifs are described. These series delivered highly potent anticoagulant compounds with excellent oral pharmacokinetic profiles; however, significant time de...

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