Design of expression systems for metabolic engineering: coordinated synthesis and degradation of glycogen.


:In metabolic engineering, systems which allow coordinated control of two metabolic pathways can be useful. We designed two expression systems and demonstrated their application by coordinating glycogen synthesis and degradation. The first expression vector pMSW2 expressed the glycogen synthesis genes in one operon and the glycogen degradation gene in a separate, coordinately regulated operon. The plasmid was designed to switch off expression of the first operon and activate expression of the second operon on addition of IPTG. As an alternative means to control glycogen synthesis and degradation pathways, we constructed expression vector pGTSD100, which contains the native Escherichia coli glycogen synthesis and degradation operon under control of the tac promoter. Both expression vectors work successfully to control the net synthesis and degradation of glycogen. In cultures of the E. coli strain TA3476 carrying the plasmid pMSW2, before the addition of IPTG, glycogen continued to accumulate in the culture. About three hours after IPTG was added, glycogen levels began to decrease. When no IPTG was added to cultures of TA3476:pMSW2, glycogen accumulated in the cells as before but the rate of degradation of glycogen was much lower. When IPTG was added to TA3476:pMSW2, the total cell protein at the end of batch cultivation was approximately 15% higher compared to cultures without IPTG addition. The extra biomass was formed during the glycogen degradation phase. (c) 1997 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Biotechnol Bioeng 55: 419-426, 1997.


Biotechnol Bioeng


Dedhia N,Chen W,Bailey JE




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  • The effects of methanol on the biofiltration of dimethyl sulfide in inorganic biofilters.

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  • Laboratory-scale production of acetoin plus diacetyl by Enterobacter cloacae ATCC 27613.

    abstract::Conditions for the laboratory-scale production of acetoin plus diacetyl by Enterobacter cloacae ATCC 27613 were studied. Thirty-five g acetoin plus diacetyl/50 g sucrose were obtained when fermentation was carried out in 2.5 liter medium containing 12.5 g peptone and 12.5 g yeast extract, at pH 7.0, in a 5 liter conic...

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  • Identification and control of oxidative metabolism in Ssaccharomyces cerevisiae during transient growth using calorimetric measurements.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to characterize the dynamic adaptation of the oxidative capacity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to an increase in the glucose supply rate and its implications for the control of a continuous culture designed to produce biomass without allowing glucose to be diverted into the reductive meta...

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  • Chemotaxis increases vertical migration and apparent transverse dispersion of bacteria in a bench-scale microcosm.

    abstract::The success of in situ bioremediation is often limited by the inability to bring bacteria in contact with the pollutant, which they will degrade. A bench-scale model aquifer was used to evaluate the impact of chemotaxis on the migration of bacteria toward the source of a chemical pollutant. The model was packed with s...

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